Dutch Police Threaten Whites

The New Observer
January 31, 2016

Dutch police are being sent to threaten white people who dared send out mildly-critical social media messages about the “refugee” invasion on the grounds that they are being “seditious”—while at the same time, they mollycoddle nonwhite invader criminals who riot and attack policemen.


According to a report in the Dutch NRC newspaper, Dutch people on Twitter who oppose invader camps in that country “can expect a visit from the police.”

At the same time, a report in the Telegraaf newspaper revealed that dozens of “asylum seekers” in Zaandaam had violently attacked police and medical personnel sent in to help them—but no one was even charged in connection with that physical violence.

The NRC article told of a visit by Dutch police last Monday afternoon to the workplace of 28-year-old Mark Jongeneel, in the town of Sliedrecht. After causing an uproar in the office, the two policemen told him, “You tweet too much. We have orders to ask you to watch your tone. Your tweets are seditious.”

The police visit to Jongeneel followed a tweet he had made just prior to a public meeting in the town on a planned invader center in the area. His “crime” was to tweet: “The Council of #Sliedrecht comes with a proposal to take 250 refugees over the next two years. What a bad idea!”

He later tweeted “Should we let this happen?!”

This was obviously an important police matter, and two of Holland’s finest were dispatched to threaten Jongeneel for these “crimes,” leading even the leftist NRC to ask of the police harassment: “Is this even legal?”

The NRC went on to report that this tactic of police threats against whites who oppose the invasion has been carrying on for several months. “In recent months, police have visited the homes of many more people who criticized the plans for asylum centers.”

According to the NRC, about twenty opponents of the invader center in Leeuwarden received police visits in October 2015. The same pattern was repeated in Enschede, and in some places in the Brabant, where whites had opened a Facebook page opposing the invasion. In that latter case, the police issued orders to close down the page.

The NRC quoted a spokesman for the national police as admitting that they have ten intelligence units of “digital detectives” who do nothing else except monitor Facebook pages and Twitter accounts in real time, looking for posts that go too far.”

A spokesman for the municipality Sliedrecht explained to the NRC that it had called the police in on Jongeneel because they wanted to ensure that any planned demonstration first be cleared with the local authority—although there was no indication in his tweets that he was planning such a thing.

“It’s not like we live in a police state,” the municipality spokesman told the NRC, obviously trying to ward off the next obvious question.

The NRC article then interviewed a number of other Dutch people who had also been subjected to harassment by Holland’s “digital detectives,” including mechanic Johan Van Wouw (43) who had dared to say on his Facebook page regarding an invader center being planned by his town council: “Let these leaders go to hell; we are all going to the town.”

In due course, the “digital detectives” arrived at his door, accusing him of inciting a demonstration.

“The visit lasted about twenty minutes and the police behaved in a very authoritarian manner,” Van Wouw told the NRC. “I feel like my freedom has been restricted. If I now post something on Facebook, I realize that the police will be reading it.”

Another victim of the police’s anti-white campaign, quoted by the NRC, was Kim (33) from Kaatsheuvel, who asked, “Why can we not we say what we think?”

After a visit from the “digital detectives,” she said that the “municipality is making so much effort to make sure that we keep our mouths shut. What does that mean? We think we know the answer: it means we citizens are not taken seriously.”

The NRC left the last word to Mark Jongeneel: “After the police’s visit, I have decided to clearly speak out; I will not let myself be silenced.”


The “no-tolerance” policy being enforced against white dissenters contrasts dramatically with the police’s behavior in Zaandaam last night.

According to the Telegraaf report, “Dozens of residents of the refugee center in Zaandam fought with paramedics and police” who had been sent to assist after an invader apparently tried to commit suicide.

The violence started after a Dutch ambulance crew was called because an invader had injured himself with a large knife. The medics wanted to bring the man to the ambulance parked outside to treat him, but the other nonwhite invaders wanted to carry the man themselves. When the medics warned that this might injure him further, the nonwhites got violent and attacked the whites.

The medics retreated and called the police, who then had a fifteen minute struggle to bring the mini-riot under control.

Even then, only one nonwhite was arrested, but then immediately released—in obvious contrast to the treatment that the police are giving to white Dutch people who dare even suggest that they don’t agree with the nonwhite invasion.

The shocking police action—given that the government has just admitted that there are thousands of criminal acts being carried out by the recently-arrived and already established nonwhites in that country—shows definitively that the establishment is far more concerned about white reaction to the invasion, than the ongoing criminal rampages and identity fraud being perpetrated by the invaders.