Dutch PM Apologizes for the Holocaust, First Dutch PM to Suck Jews Like That

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2020

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, is going for the world record of number of Jew dicks sucked.

Somehow, the Holocaust wasn’t exposed until the 1960s, even though it totally really happened in the 1940s. Then, it wasn’t really the money machine it is now until the 1990s, when the film “Schindler’s List” was released.

Now, in the 2020s, it is more powerful than ever. And for the first time, the Dutch PM has publicly apologized for gassing millions upon millions of Jews.


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has apologised on behalf of his country’s government for its failure to protect Jews during World War Two.

Mr Rutte said that while some Dutch officials resisted during the Nazi occupation, too many simply did as they were told.

It was the first such apology to be offered by a Dutch prime minister.

About 102,000 of the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust came from the Netherlands.

Mr Rutte made the remarks at a Holocaust remembrance event in Amsterdam, ahead of the 75th anniversary on Monday of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.

“With the last remaining survivors among us, I apologise on behalf of the government for the actions of the government at the time,” he said.

“I do so, realising that no word can describe something as enormous and awful as the Holocaust.”

Some people say that the word that describes it best is “hoax.”

However, the truth is that the best word that describes it is “factual.”

In Europe, denial of homicidal masturbation machines is against the law.

It’s high time for such laws to be employed in America in order to shut down websites that claim that a single Jew ever did anything wrong ever in all of history.

I personally want to apologize for my role in the Holocaust. I wasn’t born until 40 years after it happened, and yet I fully accept my role in causing it to happen, because I am white.