Dutch Parliament Refusing Demanded Investigation Into ALL CAUSE MORTALITY

“All cause mortality” is perhaps the most important term of the entire coronavirus hoax.

The term means what it says it means – it is the total number of deaths from any cause within a given timeframe in a given territory.

My primary argument during the “height of the pandemic” in 2020 was that there was no change in all cause mortality (at least not in America, according to the CDC), meaning that if there was a new disease – “the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2” – it was only killing people who would have died from something else. That would make it some kind of redundant disease.

According to their own data, if the coronavirus was actually killing people, it was sneaking in and killing people just before they died of something else. For example, a person is having a heart attack, and right before he dies from the heart attack, coronavirus would sneak in and kill him first. Or a man crashes a car, but in the milliseconds before his head cracks open on the pavement, coronavirus kills him. That’s not really an exaggeration of what they were effectively trying to get us to believe.

However, now that the vax has been rolled out, there is a rise – all over the world, in every country doing the vax – in all cause mortality. Like, a massive rise. Of course, no one will investigate this, because the obvious culprit is the vax itself.

I’m also sure that there are a lot more suicides, drug overdoses, and murders. People are no doubt getting sick and dying more as a result of wearing the masks, the changes in diet and exercise routine, and from being afraid to go to hospitals. But these things are not enough to cover this spike we are seeing all over the vaxer world.

We’re looking at 10% or more increases above the norm, which are called “excess mortality.”

One recent study looked at Vermont.

Alex Berenson has been compiling data from all over the place.

The Dutch Parliament is currently stalling the investigation into this, as are many other countries. Basically, they appear to be working on a way to fix the numbers.

Meanwhile, virus hoaxers are saying that these are all secret virus deaths. That in fact, rather than being drastically over-reported, deaths from this respiratory illness, which is strangely exactly the same as the flu or a cold, are being under-reported.

The die-off is just now beginning. These early deaths are the smallest part of the vax deaths. Just like with radiation poisoning, what this vax does to the body generally takes time to manifest.

People who study the numbers are predicting that a third of the vaxed will be dead in five years. That might sound outrageous – but I’m not an expert. What I can tell you is that what is happening now is outrageous.

This might be on purpose and it might not be. I thought the purpose of the vax was mainly just to sterilize people, and then give them time to die off. Flood the streets with drugs, destroy the economy. And on with that, until you’ve wiped out half or more of the Western population over a period of a couple decades, and ensured they don’t breed.

Right now – who the hell even knows?

Maybe this is on purpose, maybe they don’t really understand their own experimental drugs, maybe the deaths aren’t really as bad as it looks.

I don’t know.

What I know is: it’s not looking good.