Dutch Faggots Wear Skirts, Apparently Telling Hajis to Rape Them Instead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2016

In one of the most bizarre protests so far, Dutch men have gone out in mini-skirts to “show solidarity” with the women who were gang-sex attacked in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

The message here is extremely convoluted, but it seems the only thing they could be trying to communicate with this display is that the hajis should rape them instead.


Hundreds of men have taken to the streets of Amsterdam to express their solidarity with the victims of sex attacks that hit the German city of Cologne and other places in Europe on New Year’s Eve.

The demonstrators braved the January cold in the Dutch capital, marching in mini-skirts, accompanied by female protesters, too.

One of the demonstrators held a banner that read: “Sexual abuse is not a women’s problem.”

No, it isn’t a woman’s problem. Women don’t have specific problems. Societies have problems.

European society has a Moslem problem which was the result of a feminist problem which was the result of a Jewish problem.

“Too often sexual violence against women is put down as a [woman’s] problem: don’t wear short skirts. That is never the solution. Short skirts are not at fault,” rally organizers wrote on the event’s FB page.

“Therefore we are reversing the [roles] and we celebrate the skirt and the freedom that goes with it. We deploy our hairy knees for a free society in which women can walk the streets undisturbed, day and night, on short-skirt day or in the middle of the winter.”

The event’s FB page says 399 people registered to take part in the protest.

This is exactly why White European women are getting gang-sex attacked: because their men are total faggots, who pander to stupid sluts rather than smack them around.

Yes: women who are demonstrating in support of gang-raping hajis deserve to be smacked around.

The women supporting gang-raping haji terrorists are not the problem. Men who refuse to smack around women who are openly supporting gang-raping haji terrorists are the problem.


The end.

Yes. White women are demonstrating in "solidarity" with haji gang-rapists. What did you think was going to happen when you gave them "rights"?
Yes. White women are demonstrating in “solidarity” with haji gang-rapists. What did you think was going to happen when you gave them “rights”?

We now have a society that panders to unhinged women, who support a massive invasion by gang-raping haji filth, then complain that it is men’s fault they are getting gang-raped.

Ultimately, they are correct: White men are refusing to be men, refusing to play the role of directors of society, and so are allowing mentally ill women to push an insane agenda.

I don’t know if these men think they are going to get laid by wearing skirts in support of feminist nutjobs, or if they just get off on the idea of women getting gang-raped by hajis. And it doesn’t matter which is the case.

Men are responsible for the behavior of women. And the refusal of men to take responsibility for the behavior of women is what has led to this crisis.

I blame the Jews.