Dutch End “Twin Cities” Agreement with Polish City After “Gay Free Zone” Declared

The Dutch don’t take kindly to men who don’t ram their penises into other men’s anuses.

They just won’t tolerate it. Simple as.

The Dutch want anal, they want strong anal, they want double anal. They want children to be taught daily on how to give and receive anal. They are an anal paradise, where everything in society eventually goes back to a man ramming his penis into another man’s anus – roughly.

The Guardian:

A Dutch town has severed its longstanding ties with its twin in Poland after the Polish municipality established itself as an official “gay-free zone”.

The town council of Nieuwegein, south of Utrecht, voted almost unanimously to end its friendship with Puławy in eastern Poland.

The municipality, 80 miles from Warsaw, is one of 100 that have vowed to discourage tolerance and avoid providing financial assistance to organisations working to promote equal rights.

“LGBT-free zones”, backed by resolutions voted for by local councillors, are said by equality campaigners to cover about a third of Poland.

Following the decision by councillors in Nieuwegein to vote by 26-1 to terminate the relationship, stickers with a rainbow flag were placed on one of the town’s entrance signs to cover up its Polish counterpart’s name.

Marieke Schouten , an executive councillor in the Dutch town, said: “Setting the gay-free zones is a serious business and our council has issued a very clear statement that this is not acceptable. We are a rainbow city. And we are both part of Europe, in which we believe that whoever you are, regardless of your orientation, you can be there in public space. It does not include a gay-free zone.”

The Polish president, Andrzej Duda, who secured a new term last weekend, vowed during his election campaign to “defend children from LGBT ideology”. The pledge proved popular among conservative voters and the Catholic church.

In a survey conducted last year, when asked to name the biggest threat to Poland the most popular answer among men under 40 was “the LGBT movement and gender ideology”.

Young white people pulling through for Western civilization!


At least Poland is on the ball. It is the biggest threat, since the government has successfully stopped the brown invasion for the time being.

Of course, there is something bigger behind the two agendas, which Hungary at least has partially acknowledged.

The Jews themselves recognized that Hungary is using George Soros as a symbol for a Jewish meddling, and I believe that this is correct.

On the whole, I am confident that Eastern Europe will be able to restore Christian civilization if the West totally implodes – as long as the West doesn’t manage to drag them down with us in the process.