Dutch Don’t Want Sickening Jew Hoax Monument Near Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

May 3, 2015

The disgusting planned monument
The disgusting planned monument to the horrors of Adolf Hitler’s personal soap factory

The Dutch have declared that they do not want a gigantic monument to the alleged lampshading of sixty trillion bajillion innocent Christ-killing Jews anywhere near them.

Last year, Amsterdam’s mayor acquised to a Jewish plot to build the diabolical eyesore, which would be the Netherlands’ first ever memorial to the alleged historical event which everyone with an internet connection is aware didn’t actually happen.

The Jews decided to ruin a popular park with their obscene creation, much like they ruined the entirety of downtown Berlin with their stone blocks.

Seriously.  Show me someone who likes these people.
Seriously. Show me someone who likes these people.

The people in that neighborhood took issue.

Times of Israel:

Claiming they were presented with “a done deal” last March, a group of residents living close to the park has consistently opposed constructing the $6.8 million Holocaust memorial in their neighborhood. “Not in our garden” has been a common refrain, with opponents demanding the city have the Shoah edifice built anywhere but in the heart of their leafy Plantage district.

Named for a prominent nineteenth century Jewish philanthropist, Wertheim Park is close to Amsterdam’s surviving historic synagogues, as well as buildings connected to the deportation of Dutch Jewry during the Holocaust. Just around the corner is the legendary Artis Zoo, where dozens of Jews hid among the animals to avoid capture by the Nazis and Dutch “bounty hunters.”

Seeking to keep their relatively secluded streets off the tourist track, plan opponents have hung “Trees, Not Buses” banners from Wertheim Park’s fences, a reference to the 200,000 tourists projected to visit the memorial each year. That would be about one-fifth the visitors received annually by the Anne Frank House across town, which “adopted” the names of the seven murdered “Secret Annex” inhabitants for 50 Euros each in a Memorial of Names fundraiser.

“This is an important monument and it shouldn’t be built in hostile surroundings,” said Amsterdam city council head Boudewijn Oranje last year, responding to opponents’ claim the memorial would look “ridiculous” in their small dog park, which — at 7,500-square meters — is larger than a football field.

As the memorial’s stewards, members of the Amsterdam-based Dutch Auschwitz Committee have said the opposing neighbors’ concerns are not tied to reality.

“The opponents are mostly uninformed and their arguments are based on nothing,” said Naomi Koster, the committee’s secretary.

“It’s a small group of highly educated people — lawyers, journalists, etc. — who are not against the memorial itself, but would rather not see it in their own backyard,” Koster told The Times of Israel in an interview last week.

Among what Koster called the neighbors’ “misunderstandings,” the claim that an 11,000 square-foot Holocaust memorial will kill the park’s open space is particularly off the mark, she said. The completed memorial will fill just 9% of the existing park, which itself will be expanded onto an adjacent field to accommodate the memorial.

I’m sure the fact that the huge reminder of the sadistic nature of Jewish fantasy is not something anyone in the world wants anywhere near their neighborhood. A neighborhood is supposed to be a safe space, a community, and Jews have a way of injecting perversity into any safe space, because they get off on it.

When we finally rid ourselves of the parasite, we are going to build “never again Jews” monuments listing off the names of all of the White men who died in that stupid Jewish war, the names of the White men who died under Jew communism, the White men who died in these stupid Jew wars in the Middle East.

On the spot where the Berlin hoax monument presently stands, we will build the biggest statue in the world – three times the height of Spring Buddha – of Adolf Hitler.

Never Again.
Never Again.