Dutch Choir Sings Song Welcoming Immigrants

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

September 12, 2015

Here is a Dutch choir singing a song about how immigrants are welcome to invade their country.

These are the lyrics to the inspirational tune.

You are welcome!
Welcome in my country.

You are welcome!
Stranded here all of a sudden [?]

I want to learn about you!
I want to know who you are!
Tell me all your stories.
I want to understand [you should]

I saw you on a boat.
I saw you on the news and in the papers.

Fear only on your face.
Your daughter in your arms.

So many died…
[Can’t hear what they sing in the next line]

But you made it!
And now I feel your pain.

You are welcome!
Stranded all of a sudden.

I want to learn about you!
I want to know who you are…

Tell me your story
I want to understand what’s it like… [no you don’t!]

Here you are safe.
All your worries will be gone.

We want to help.
We will stand beside you.

We want to laugh and cry with you [mostly crying I think] You can depend on us! [who needs enemies when one has friends like these!]

You are welcome!

Inspired this, I called up my friend Brian Wilson, and we decided to write a song for the two Kurdish Beach Boys who died in a surfing accident caused by White people in Canada.

tfw White people refused to get you a better surf board.
tfw White people refused to get you a better surf board.

Brian said he hadn’t been out of bed in weeks, but that for this, he would call in the heavy machinery to get him into a chair.

I met with him in his living room in sunny California.

“It is a true shame that those boys never got to go surfing in the USA, where surfing is so much safer and the dental care is better” Brian said.

And I was like, “Hey, let’s roll with that.”

In honor of Alan Kurdi and his brother whose name I don’t even know because the media never said it, this is what we came up with:

Co-Written by Brian Wilson and Andrew Anglin

You’re surfing with Allah, now, Alan.

Or deflowering dozens of young sky-sluts. Or whatever.

Allah bless you, and Allah bless all the millions of brown people who get to Europe to live on welfare or die trying.

Rapper 50 Cent, who I am also close friends with, also wanted to be involved in the project and is in the process of doing an Alan Kurdi remix of “Get Rich or Die Tryin.”

alan kurdi get richD4b1Swr

He will be remixing the song “money.”

Instead of “Nigga I don’t give a fuck about these hoes, I focus on the money,” the lyric will be sung “Nigga I don’t give a fuck about my kids, I focus on the dental work.”