During His Presidency, Trump Cut Immigration by 49%

It’s popular to say that Donald Trump didn’t get anything done.

In fact, that is just a lie. He didn’t get as much done as some people hoped he would, but he didn’t do nothing.


By next year, Donald Trump will have reduced legal immigration by 49% since becoming president. That will have significant repercussions for the nation’s economic growth, according to a new analysis. The cuts to legal immigration have come in several categories, and it appears the Trump administration is not finished restricting immigration.

Reducing legal immigration most harms refugees, employers and Americans who want to live with their spouses, parents or children, but it also affects the country’s future labor force and economic growth. “Average annual labor force growth, a key component of the nation’s economic growth, will be approximately 59% lower as a result of the administration’s immigration policies, if the policies continue,” according to an analysis from the National Foundation for American Policy. “Economic growth is crucial to improving the standard of living, which means lower levels of legal immigration carry significant consequences for Americans.”

The people saying this are not Trump supporters, but Trump enemies who claim that he is going to destroy the chances of economic recovery. Because to recover the economy, we need to have billions and billions of illiterate 80 IQ brown people flooding our country.

I don’t think these brown people are good for the economy, at least not in the way that the leftists claim, but I ultimately do not care. If we cannot figure out a way to make our economy work without billions of immigrants destroying our basic social order, then we need to figure out a new way to run an economy.

Trump should be campaigning on this. Fox News and Breitbart should be reporting it. Instead, that chart – which checks out – is stuffed away on Forbes, framed as a negative.