Dungeons & Dragons Removes Slavery and Other “Problematic” Racial Lore

It makes sense that Wizards of the Coast is moving to make their product more politically correct, because statistics show that over 90% of D&D players are Affluent White Female Liberals.


A plethora of descriptions regarding various races in the Dungeons & Dragons universe have been scrapped from the guidebooks in an effort to make the tabletop RPG more “welcoming and inclusive.”

The push for representation and inclusivity in Western culture has not ignored the tabletop gaming scene, where publishers of some of the most-played games have been updating their releases to appeal to progressive social justice activists.

In a recent blog post, Jeremy Crawford, the principal rule designer for the legendary RPG Dungeons & Dragons, revealed that there had been a mass removal of “problematic lore” from several D&D books throughout the year, and these changes will be reflected in both the newly printed editions and the online PDF versions.

The designer himself did not go into detail about what exactly had been removed and why, however, and his post only mentioned the sections where the changes had been made, such as ‘Roleplaying a Beholder’, ‘Roleplaying a Kobold’, and ‘Roleplaying as an Orc’.

However, one Reddit user took it upon himself to find everything that had been removed from one of the books (‘Volo’s Guide to Monsters’) and published it on the DnD subreddit.

As it turned out, most of the text that had been removed from the descriptions of races had to do with either slavery or their power dynamics in relations with other races.

For example, one of the removed paragraphs provided an explanation of Orcs’ societal hierarchies, which included subjugation and enslavement.

“With their culturally ingrained tendency to bow before superior strength, orcs can be subjugated by a powerful and charismatic individual. Evil human spellcasters and rulers in particular have a penchant for enslaving or deceiving orcs into service. A leader backed by a great military force could swoop down upon a tribe, kill its leaders, and cow the rest of the orcs into submission.”

Other now-purged ‘problematic’ elements included negative qualities inherent to the monster races, like the Orcs’ bloodlust or the Beholders’ ‘Beholder supremacy’ mindset. Similar changes have affected other species like Giants, Gnolls, Kobolds and Yuan Ti.

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By the way, fifth edition rules are garbage, aside from anything political, and basically threatening to ruin Larian’s Baldur’s Gate III.

They’re not ruining it. It’s a great game. But it sure would be a lot better if WotC would have allowed them to use 3rd ed.

Larian is wisely avoiding all of this political bullshit WotC is forcing on their users. The game doesn’t even have Orcs, lol. Because Orcs are black people now.

Really weird flex – don’t understand how that wouldn’t offend black people if they knew about it. But they don’t know about it, because black people don’t play D&D.

Your enemies love to ruin the things you love, even if those things are just fiction.

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