Dump Weasel Ryan: Tell Your Local Representative to Vote Against Paul Ryan on Tuesday

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2016


Paul Ryan is a cuckold and a pervert. Paul Ryan is a cuckold and a pervert.

Did you know that when you elected Trump and a GOP Congressional mandate, you were voting to steal Medicare from your grandma and give it to illegal Mexican invaders? Did you figure that when you pulled the lever for Trump’s “law and order,” you were actually voting for Paul Ryan’s bright idea to release crack dealing Vibrant-Americans back into the street?

Neither did I, but that’s what Paul Ryan seems to think. Trump is now paying the price for not endorsing Paul Nehlen over Ryan during the primary; however, because the Wisconsin district in question is basically a sterile suburb full of unthinking football fans and sycophants, Trump probably felt backing the House Speaker’s opponent would’ve triggered more pecks from the Washington goo swallowers than it was worth.

Paul Ryan has been going on TV either contradicting Donald Trump or taking what Trump says out of context in order to suit his own lobbyists’ agenda. Ryan seems to think that he was elected president, when in truth, 51% of GOP voters have said that Trump matches their worldview vs 33% who like Ryan’s neo-liberal platform.

That is because Paul Ryan is the last stand of Jews and fellow travelers (Koch Brothers). Ex GOP donors are more or less funneling all of their money to one man in the hopes that he will undermine Trump from within. 

Which is why we have to make sure the House doesn’t re-elect him as speaker on Tuesday. According to the thoroughly discredited Judenpresse, this is looking “likely,” which means it is up to the people to flood the offices of our “representatives” in the GOP demanding they vote for anyone but Ryan.

paul ryan isis

The cuckold shill Paul Ryan has demanded ISIS flood America through Syrian refugee programs. He is a pervert and a threat to the safety of this country. 

The House of Representatives is a worthless entity populated by human weeds regardless of what party dominates it, but after Trump destroyed the Democratic wing of the establishment vulture with us and us alone, we the people must make it clear that we can crush the GOP if it refuses to transition into what we want: a workers party that takes seriously the issues of every day white people.

There are enough people in Congress who are willing to  take the role of House Speaker and fulfill Trump’s contract with the American people. One vocal anti-Ryan GOP patriot is Thomas Massie, who is second as the Daily Stormer editorial staff pick after Steve King for Republican House Speaker. Massie claims that Ryan does not have enough votes to become Speaker despite what “sources” keep leaking Jews in the lying media, so getting just a couple of these GOP congressmen to flip can make all the difference in the world.

We need ALL hands on deck because all we have is Monday (today). Call your representative and tell them that if they vote for Ryan as Speaker, they will lose your vote forever.

Here is a directory of House members, state by state with their phone numbers.