Dumb Skank Makes Shitty Video Game to Fight “Toxic Masculinity” and “White Heteropatriarchy”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2018

I’m feeling my White male privilege melting away already.

Whenever I hear about brown women graduating with engineering degrees, it always brings me to a pause. How the hell are these people managing to pass their classes, let alone their theses?

Sure, they get free passes, and they have White men to help them out whenever they have problems. But at some point or other, they have to demonstrate their technical abilities, no?

It’s a good question. Luckily, here we have a case study to better understand the reality of dumb brown skanks somehow getting their hands on a STEM master’s degree.

Campus Reform:

To earn a Master’s degree from Mills College, recent graduate Taylor Sandusky created a “nonviolent dungeon crawler” video game to combat “toxic masculinity.”

The girl in question. In case you’re wondering, it’s the one without fur.

I couldn’t find any screenshots or other information about this game, so I went ahead and downloaded it.

It’s the worst thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of “playing.”

This is how it starts… Ugh.

“Plato’s Evil Closet” is an open-source video game that Sandusky created for a Master’s Thesis in Computer Science, which aims to “use video games to challenge white heteropatriarchy.”

A Master’s Thesis in computer science!

And did she program this thing all by herself? Of course not. It’s a shitty Unity game.


Unity is a popular game engine that allows developers to make games quickly and with a minimum of programming. All that’s required is to write scripts for the various gameplay elements, but sounds, graphics, physics, controls and so on are handled by the engine and can be tweaked in menus.

In other words, making a basic game in Unity is about as far as you can get from being an advanced computer science project. It could be a child’s first programming project.

In fact, for many, it already is.

This skank’s “game” isn’t even remotely as complex as the stuff shown in the above video. It’s a 2d, turn-based game with no animations or physics.

The graphics are just copy-pasted stock images, edited with less-than-amateur level graphics design skills.

>The scale on dat dirt.

Her freaking main character still has the stock photo text on her head.

This would take less than 30 seconds to fix in Photoshop or Gimp. In fact, let me time how long it takes me:

23 seconds.

Unbelievably low effort here. Or, more likely, incompetence.

A quick look at the scripts shows the same story.

Here’s a definition file for the “hydra” monster above:

There’s a similar file for each monster type. This is stupidly redundant. She’s creating new unique variables for each monster (bigMonsterDamage, bigMonsterAC, and so on) and then setting them up as the default values for the standard monster stats.

She repeats the same thing for each monster. This is obviously stupid. There could have been a single “monster stats” file, and a single piece of code that does this setup.

This is the type of mistake that even amateur coders quickly learn to avoid; the first rule of programming is “don’t repeat yourself.”

If I was hiring junior software developers and saw this game in someone’s portfolio as their most recent work, I definitely would skip that person.

Plato’s Evil Closet, Sandusky explains, is a “challenging non-violent dungeon crawler that stars a queer woman of color and acts as a metaphor for fighting white heteropatriarchy—at its core, a system that privileges whiteness, heterosexuality and masculinity.”

This “non-violent” thing is retarded. For one, it’s absolutely not true that the game is non violent. You deal with the enemies by casting spells at them like “freeze” or “scare.” That’s obviously a form of violence.

I didn’t hurt him, I just, you know, “froze” him solid.

Secondly, it’s just ineffective; the spells only last for a while, and then the enemies are right back to attacking the character. Why not just solve the problem once and for all?

“The dungeon represents white heteropatriarchy, and the various monsters represent aspects of this system,” writes Sandusky, adding that to win, the protagonist must “collect” a “diverse set” of “friends” to escape.

In order to escape the dungeon, the player needs at least two friends. If they try to exit before meeting this requirement, they are informed that the door is too heavy,” Sandusky reveals. “This is intended to represent the importance of solidarity. One person, or group, cannot escape the dungeon, or patriarchy, without the help of others.”

Spoiler warning: the first “friend” is in the very first room. The game is tiny, with five enemies and a few rooms. It’s something a fourth grader could easily do. In fact, I’ve played games made by children which were much better.

Duke Nukem 3D’s graphics engine was coded by a teenager.

The fact that they granted this skank a freaking Master’s Degree based on this SJW piece of crap really helps explain why there’s these minorities sporting STEM degrees.

If a White man would have presented this “project” as a Master’s Thesis, he would have been laughed out of town. The professor would spit in his face and curse his first born child.

Here’s another Master’s Thesis for comparison:

I don’t understand what any of this means – as it should be.