Dumb Pregnant Beanperson Falls Off Border Fence, Dies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2020

This poor dear. This is the cost of the tragedy of racism in Trump’s America.

Is the politically correct term for a beaner “beanperson” or “bean individual”?

I just can’t keep up with these changing terms.

Fox News:

A 19-year-old pregnant woman from Guatemala died this week from injuries suffered when she fell more than 19 feet trying to climb the U.S. border wall near El Paso, Texas, last Saturday, U.S. and Guatemalan authorities said Thursday.

Guatemala identified the woman as Mirian Stephany Girón Luna. Medical personnel tried to deliver her baby, but were unsuccessful, both governments said. The U.S. said Girón was eight months pregnant, while Guatemalan authorities said she was at seven months.

That’s so sad.

The baby would have been a true American citizen, finally freed from the oppression of disgusting Mexicans.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) blamed Girón’s death on human smugglers who encouraged her to try to climb the wall.

In a statement, Gloria Chavez, the chief for the Border Patrol’s El Paso sector, said the authorities would work with Mexico “to find those responsible for placing these lives in danger.”

CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan told reporters that Girón and her partner were taken to the border by smugglers and left there in the darkness. They were attempting to climb when she fell. Border Patrol agents reached her and called medical authorities, who took her to the hospital, but “tragically, the mother and the child died from their injuries from the fall,” Morgan said.

Yes, a total tragedy.

How dare Trump murder this beaness by building that fence so high?

Because we need more of these people.

We need a minimum of 50 million in the next 10 years, and I’ve called for as many as 500 million in the next ten months.