“Experts” Criticize Sweden’s Coronavirus Response, Demand Economic Destruction

Pictured: “experts” demanding a total lockdown.

Sweden, unlike most Western countries, is not doing a lockdown. They have banned gatherings of more than 50 people and gave Swedes some basic instructions for flu avoidance, but restaurants, shops, schools, and pretty much everything remains open.

Experts don’t like that.

Experts want everyone locked up in their homes and the economy burning.

Daily Mail:

Sweden has equaled its record for the number of coronavirus deaths in a day with 114 new deaths bringing the total to over 1,000, as a group of experts attacked the authorities’ approach to the crisis.

The country has also recorded a spike of 497 new cases in 24 hours.

Sweden’s Public Health Agency said on Tuesday it had recorded a total of 11,445 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 1,033 deaths.

A group of 22 doctors, virologists and researchers criticised the Public Health Agency in an op-ed published by Dagens Nyheter newspaper on Tuesday.

They accused it of having failed to draw up a proper strategy, pointing out that the mortality rate in Sweden was now way above that of its Nordic neighbours.

So in Sweden more than 10 times as many people are dying than in our neighbouring country Finland,” they wrote while stressing a number of more aggressive measures taken in Finland.

Finland, which has about half the population of Sweden, had as of Thursday reported 42 deaths, and has closed down restaurants and schools.

During the press conference Anders Tegnell however strongly rejected the accusations and disputed the figures they had advanced.

Tegnell has previously stated that Finland appears to be in a different phase of the epidemic, which partly explains the lower mortality.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde has already pushed back at criticism from US President Donald Trump last week who said the country was not doing enough to combat the virus.

Tegnell brushed off the criticism, saying the figures used by the experts were ‘erroneous.’

Trump knows that if Sweden doesn’t do the lockdown, and if at the end of this they don’t have a statistically relevant difference in deaths, the jig is up. Every world leader knows that, which is why you’re seeing this mass pressure campaign.

Comparing the death tolls is a hoax.

A thousand people dying in Sweden, 300 dying in Denmark, 150 dying in Norway – these numbers are way too low to start going on about how the sole factor involved is the lockdown. From what we’ve seen, the “lockdowns” where you’re still allowed to go to the grocery store don’t actually do anything to prevent infections anyway.

I don’t know all of the factors, but the most obvious one with this Finland comparison is that Sweden is much more urban than Finland, meaning that we know for a fact that even if Sweden was locked down, its death rate would be higher than Finland. Then you have the viral stages issue that Tegnell is talking about – Finland had its first case of the virus, and first communications of it, at a later date than Sweden.

But ultimately, here’s the thing: these are very small numbers of very old people who were going to die of something soon anyway. Somehow, people still have it in their minds that young healthy people are getting this virus at random and dying. That isn’t happening. We’re talking about people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s. The average age for deaths in every country other than the US (where we have an obesity crisis) is 80.

I’m not saying I don’t care about the lives of old people, but old people get illnesses that wouldn’t be a problem for young people and then they die. That is the cycle of life. When you get old, you die.

Further: we have zero reason to believe that these people wouldn’t have died from a different strand of the flu if we had never gone into coronavirus hysteria mode.

What Sweden is going to experience to a much lesser extent than the rest of the world is the mass death that is coming when the reality of the economic collapse we’ve created sets in. Britain is estimating that 150,000 people – ten times what will be the final death toll of the virus – will die as a result of the economic collapse caused by the lockdown.

Think about that for a second.

It is a gruesome thing to put yourself in a position where you have to say “we just have to let old people die naturally, we can’t destroy our economy to save them.”

But we can’t simply collapse our entire society because it’s sad that the flu is passing through the nursing home.

Actually, I guess we can and we did.

But Sweden doesn’t have to.

Just leave them alone, Orange Man.