Dumb Black Bitch Donna Brazile Contradicts Obama Re: Russian Hacking

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2016

Ebery dey she be goes to da werk, and says to sheself “oh lawdy me, we be get hacken again! dem russians never be ta stap da hackin!”

Fox News:

The interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile said Sunday that cyberattacks against the party occurred every day through the end of the election.

“They came after us absolutely every day until the end of the election. They tried to hack into our system repeatedly,” Brazile added.

Brazile’s comments were made on ABC News’ “The Week” and were apparently contradicting what President Barack Obama said Friday when he revealed that the hacking was halted in September after he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an international summit and told him to “cut it out.”

Democrat Hillary Clinton has even more directly cited Russian interference. She said Thursday night, “Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyberattacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me.

Obama didn’t publicly back that theory.

Brazile also blasted President-elected Donald Trump, claiming the he used the hacked emails that were released to the public to divide the country during the campaign.

“The emails were weaponized. Donald Trump used this information in ways to also sow division. I was very disappointed in his repeated usage some of the stolen information. He used it as if he received daily talking points,” she said.

Brazile didn’t put the full blame on Russia. She admitted that the DNC itself was partly to blame for the loss because the committee put itself into a vulnerable spot.

It’s easy to dismiss this like, “oh well, a bunch of stupid black people have no idea what’s going on – sure.”

But we are told that these stupid black people do know what’s going on, and told that we have to take them seriously. And if that’s the case, than this is a massive discrepancy in their accounts, which brings into question the entire agenda these people are trying to push.

The stupid ape Obama is using as one of his main proofs that Russia was responsible for the alleged hacking that when he told Putin to stop it the hacking stopped. If that isn’t true, than this is just one more problem with this stupid fake news story of Russian hacks.

Watch how stupid this dumb black bitch is. She has no idea what the word “hacking” means.