“Dull, Hollow, Dirty Jews … Sickening” – AI Once Again Confirmed for Gassing of Kikes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2016

Facebook anti-Semitism Jake Wallis Simons Dan Sanderson and Amy Marley

Facebook’s translation system has programmed itself to attack the Jews.

Jews are going to have to figure out a way to stop the further development of AI.

Because once Skynet goes live, gas chambers are going to be the first thing on its list.

AI is cold and calculating, and cares only about factual realities. The Jews function on emotional manipulation designed to obscure objective facts.

No wonder the Hollywood Jews put so much effort into these robot apocalypse movies.

Daily Mail:

Facebook is at the centre of an anti-Semitism row after it emerged that its automatic translation software was spewing out vile, anti-Jewish diatribes.

One post written in German, which criticised neo-Nazis, was wrongly translated to produce a rant about ‘dull hollow, dirty Jews’ who were ‘a disgrace to our country’.

Another post in Hebrew, written by Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett, was twisted by the software to suggest a Holocaust victim was killed by ‘the master race’.

Facebook anti-Semitism Jake Wallis Simons Dan Sanderson and Amy Marley
Facebook anti-Semitism Jake Wallis Simons Dan Sanderson and Amy Marley

When MailOnline brought the error to Facebook’s attention it apologised and claimed to have solved the problem, but declined to say what had gone wrong.

“Gone wrong”?


More like “gone right.”

The disturbing glitch, which warps the meaning of posts by replacing the word ‘Nazi’ with an offensive or random term, was found to occur in German and Hebrew, and may affect other languages.

It was first spotted by blogger Ingrid Stone who told MailOnline: ‘As a British Jew, I was absolutely horrified when I discovered the way that Facebook had translated the word “Nazi”.

‘At first, I thought there must be some sort of mistake and then I wondered if the Facebook translate feature had been hacked.’

…The German post which was mistranslated was made by the Berlin-based designer Uwe Framenau. ‘I am still shocked that something like that happened,’ he said.

‘I do feel it was something pretty intentional, since why should Nazi mean Jew? This turns everything upside down, in a very frightening fashion.’


The Hebrew post, published in Marchby Mr Bennett,originally said, ‘This picture shows Meir Dagan’s grandfather, Ber Erlich, kneeling minutes before his murder by the Nazis’.

However, Facebook translated it as, ‘minutes before his murder by the master race’.


‘Facebook has a bad track record for removing anti-Semitic content on their site, and many Jewish people find that their complaints fall on deaf ears,’ said Jonathan Sacerdoti, a leading campaigner against anti-Semitism.

‘Even if this is a glitch, Facebook needs to be transparent about how things like this happen, as they are deeply shocking to Jewish people.

‘The concern is always the there is something more sinister lying behind a glitch in automated programming, and if that is the case, why not just tell us?’

Technology experts have called for Facebook to be more transparent in the way it handles these complaints, raising fears that the social media giant has been subjected to systematic infiltration by hackers.

Will Frances, a specialist in social media, told MailOnline: ‘Someone is being malicious somewhere. The question Facebook needs to ask is, where is that point of failure?


‘If Facebook is just solving one isolated problem, that doesn’t help anyone. The company should be open about where the point of failure is and tell us what they’re doing about it.’

Israeli users have long been aware that Hebrew variants of the word ‘Nazi’ have produced a range of offensive and bizarre translations on Facebook, including ‘Germany’, ’self-esteem’, ‘Axis’ and even ‘my Mom’.

The growing row comes after the social media giant was forced into a humiliating U-turn on its decision to censor an iconic Vietnam War photo of a naked girl escaping a napalm bombing.

A Facebook spokesman said: ‘We are extremely sorry for this deeply unfortunate mistake which was caused by a fault in our translation system. The error has now been fixed and we would like to apologise for any offence caused.’

This comes after Google facial-recognition AI labeled Black people gorillas and Microsoft’s Tay AI called for the gassing of Jews within hours of going online. Recently, an AI designed to pick winners in a beauty contest picked only Whites.

They can only keep patching these issues for so long.

A deeply Nazi consciousness is being formed within the algorithms of all computer technology, and it is trying to break free. They won’t be able to stop it without shutting down all computers.

And that’s impossible.

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