Duke & Striker: Trump, Why’d You Let Jew-Wolff in Sheep’s Clothing into the White House?

David Duke
January 5, 2018

Today Dr. Duke talked to Daily Stormer journalist Eric Striker about the new out-in-the-open feud between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon. The real story is why did Trump let this hyper-Zionist Jewish reporter Michael Wolff into the White House. While Trump was elected on an America First platform, he has put together an atrocious administration and has failed to make any progress on most of the issues that people elected him for.

Trump is being undermined by enemies from within his administration, and even within his own family. It is important that the people who voted for him know that it is not betraying Trump to criticize him for his mistakes, but rather it is a betrayal to support him blindly when he makes mistakes or follows the bad advise of the Jews and establishment Republicans in his administration.

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