Duke and Anglin on the Jewish Hatred for Russia

David Duke
December 21, 2016


Dr. Duke had Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin as his guest for the hour. They went into the underlying causes of Jewish hatred for Russia and their efforts to regime change the government of President Vladimir Putin. They mentioned the complete hypocrisy of accusing Russia of war crimes in Aleppo while the United States is admittedly doing the exact same thing in Mosul. The only difference is that Zio America actually created the ISIS enemy while Russia has only fought against it.

They talked about the need to call out Jewish criminal activities and their illegal discrimination against the white Christian majority in the countries they dominate. They see Trump as potentially another Putin — someone capable of at least partially taking back the country from Jewish domination, and thus they are attacking him at every turn.

This is a fascinating show that you won’t want to miss.