Duke and Anglin: On Purity Tests and New Year’s Resolutions

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2017

I was on with Dr. David Duke this morning, and we had no plan.

David had read my article from this morning on purity testing as a tool for subverting the white movement, and was interested to talk about that. The first half of the show, in my opinion, serves as a good companion for the article itself, which has seen a lot of traction today.

We then talked about New Year’s resolutions, especially focusing on not watching porno. I know this is a contentious topic, and people will say “I don’t have a girlfriend so what am I supposed to do?”

Well, firstly, you don’t have to watch porno in order to jack-off. If you really need to jack-off, you can do it in the shower like guys with no gf did for millions of years before the invention of internet pornography. That just needs to be said, straight-up. Secondly, if you are not watching porno, you will be more driven to go out and find girls. A natural mechanism will kick in that is being suppressed by the porno. You will naturally become more confident and aggressive with women.

We also talked about a few other things. I think I made the good doctor cringe with a comment about the immediate need to engineer a virus to exterminate the population of Africa, but I know you’ll all be like

Oh, and we talked about banning abortion as a method to shut down the sluts, while weighing it against the positive effect it has of limiting the brown breeding rate.

Anyway, pretty good show.