Dude Should Have Stayed in Shape, Dawg

Bro, this health stuff is no joke.

You can be a top tier and world famous athlete, and if you don’t keep up with your fitness, you can end up dead at 60 from being a fat slob.


Argentinian football legend and winner of the 1986 World Cup, Diego Maradona, has passed away at home in Tigre after suffering a heart attack.

Maradona, 60, was recovering at home following brain surgery in Buenos Aires, where he was treated for a blood clot on the brain earlier this month.

Last Friday, Maradona was sedated by medics after the former footballer suffered issues related to alcohol dependency following his surgery, with doctors describing the legend as suffering from a “mix” of serious issues, including cardiovascular and liver issues.

It was stated that Maradona would require constant support, including admission to an alcohol addiction clinic, following his discharge from hospital.

However, according to Clarin.com, while recovering at home, Maradona suffered a heart attack and passed away shortly afterward.

Imagine how strong and fit this guy was, just a few short years ago.

Just look at the musculature in his legs.

He became an utter disgrace.

Fitness is a life long commitment, folks. No shortcuts. No surrender.