Duck Dynasty Guy’s Home Shot Up in Drive-By…!

Willie Robertson in 2016 at a Trump rally.

Well, this is a strange event.

But isn’t everything these days? Strange, I mean?


A gunman fired nearly 10 shots at the home of “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson in broad daylight, police said.

A driver in a white and brown Ford F-250 with large aftermarket rims and tires drove by Robertson’s estate at least one time before opening fire around 2:33 p.m. on Friday, the Monroe News-Star reported.

“We were pretty shook up,” Robertson told USA Today. “It looks like they were just spraying bullets across my property.”

Robertson has many family members staying with him during the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the bullets went through a bedroom window but no one was injured, the News-Star reported.

Robertson believes he was targeted.

“I’m 100% certain, but I don’t know why,” he told USA Today.

The driver was described as a white male in his late teens or early 20s. There were other occupants in the truck, but their descriptions are not available.

If you wanted to extract some kind of esoteric meaning from this, you’d probably note that these Duck Dynasty people are very representative of the kind of people that are being wiped out by this coronavirus pandemic.

I never really understood the show, but I did understand the appeal: these are rugged white Christian men of the sort that is otherwise completely and totally lacking in representation in the media, despite the fact that half of the country – and the majority of whites – identifies with this type of man to some extent. Any show that featured normal white people was destined to be the most popular show on TV, no matter how dumb it was (this show, in my view, was relatively dumb).

The show also had the angle that they were rich, even though they didn’t come from wealth. They got rich by making duck whistles for hunting. So there was an element of “the American dream” to the show. In 2013, the Jews attacked the show and its network A&E suspended one of the stars from the show because he compared homosexuality to bestiality in an interview.

The show probably ended because the family was so supportive of Donald Trump, though that was never clear. The Jews ended Roseanne’s show over that.

Maybe the shooting was some sort of dispute, some Louisiana Hatfields and McCoys type drama. Or maybe someone did it for political reasons, given that these people represent white America.

Whatever the case, a TV celebrity having his family home shot up in a drive-by is a relatively shocking event, which will probably go largely unnoticed by the mainstream Jewish media.

It is symbolic of the weirdness to come, I can tell you that.

Things are going to get so weird, you’re going to be sick and tired. You’re going to say, “please, please, Jews, we’re sick and tired of this weird shit. Please let us have at least one normal thing. It’s no longer interesting that everything is so weird.” And the Jews are going to say, “No way, it’s just going to keep getting weirder, and we don’t care if you like it or not.”

Lucky for me, I’m already weird. So for me, this can’t go anywhere but up.