Drunken Jew Shoots at Bartender Over Non-Kosher Drink, Kills Dog

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2015

Joe Lewis and his dog Jackson, shot down by a Jew terrorist
Joe Lewis and his dog Jackson, shot down by a Jew terrorist

One thing about Jews is that they generally get others to commit their acts of violence for them.  But there are exceptions.  One such exception took place last Saturday when a drunken Jew shot at a bartender for serving him a non-kosher drink and ended up killing the man’s poor dog, who took the bullet for him.

In the early hours of Saturday the 9th, 29-year-old Joe Lewis of Hamilton, Montana was hunted down and shot at by the angry Jew, The Montana Standard Reports.

Joe worked at the Rainbow Bar (which, based on their Facebook page, does not appear to be a gay bar), and had earlier that night had a strange altercation with his neighbor, the raging Jew Monte Hanson, 59. Hanson had ordered a “red beer” and became irate when Joe mixed the drink using Clamato juice instead of tomato juice.

Jewish terrorist Monte Hanson
Jewish terrorist Monte Hanson

Clams, you see, are not kosher.

Court records show that he told a neighbor that in revenge for the violation of his sacred beliefs, Hanson planned to murder Joe Lewis.

Joe was carrying his dog, Jackson, a pit bull when the Jew sprung him outside his apartment and began firing. The first shot hit Jackson’s head, Joe’s brother Mike said, adding that if the dog hadn’t been there the bullet would have struck Joe’s head.

The next shot hit Joe’s ribcage and exited without passing through any vital organs.

“He’s doing all right now,” Mike Lewis said. “He’s just in a lot of pain is all. He’s staying strong. He’s out of the hospital.”

He added that he is really missing his best friend.

“He’s pretty broken up about his dog,” Lewis said. “Anyone who knows him knows he’s not your average animal guy. He takes his animals very, very seriously.”

The only reason Joe was carrying Jackson was that the dog was having trouble getting around on his own after having had surgery. Mike Lewis is certain that the dog saved Joe’s life from the evil Jew terrorist.

Mike Lewis has started a GoFundMe page to help raise money to buy his brother a new dog, as well as cover some of the expenses the Jew has inflicted on him.

Besides tending bar, Joe Lewis works cutting wood. He is exactly the type of strong working class White man the Jews hate most, so it is no surprise he became the victim of a Jewish terror attack.

“He won’t be able to do either of those for some time,” Mike Lewis said. “We would like to raise about $12,000 to cover the price of his rent and bills for 12 weeks, as well as get him a new pit bull.”

“Jackson was a purebred red-nose pit,” he said. “Those dogs are not easy to come by.”

As would be the case with any proud White man, it was hard to convince Joe to allow others to help.

“Joe hasn’t asked for any of this,” Lewis said. “In fact, he’s pretty reluctant about it all. He’s the kind of guy who will give you the shirt off of his back and never ask for anything in return. It’s been hard on him to allow us to push him down and tell him he has to take it.”

After seven days, Mike is about halfway to providing Joe with the money he needs. If you’ve got a little bit of cash, consider helping out a brother in need who has suffered more from the Jews than most of us.

The poor guy lost his dog to these bastards.

Joe’s Recovery and Dog Fund

Remember to leave a comment with the donation, stating White solidarity and opposition to the Jew menace.

RIP Jackson the pit bull, shot down by a Jewish terrorist.
RIP Jackson the pit bull, martyr in the war against the Jews.