Drunk Thot Ruins $300K Art Collection on First Date with Lawyer

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2017

I dunno about you, but looking at that face, my first assumption would be that she’s the type of woman who ruins $300K art collections.

You may think that having misguided views on women will merely result in having your entire life ruined by misbehaving thots. But you’d be wrong.

In fact, it will also result in having your expensive art collection ruined as well. An honorable man learned this lesson last weekend, and it’s a tragedy I hope no reader ever has to go through.

Dallas News:

A Dallas woman ripped paintings off the wall and threw sculptures around at a Houston lawyer’s mansion over the weekend, causing at least $300,000 in damage, police say.

Lindy Lou Layman, 29, was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief Saturday.

Layman, whose LinkedIn profile says she works as a freelance court reporter, was at the home of Tony Buzbee in Houston’s ritzy River Oaks neighborhood when police say the incident occurred.

Tony Buzbee has quite the resume.

Military officer from a working class background, war veteran, and founder of his own law firm. Wew.

He also doesn’t look like some kind of bugman faggot.

This guy is definitely a desirable mate for a woman who looks as ugly as Layman (who also looks pretty Jewy to me…). So why would she fly off the handle on their first date?

Let’s take a closer look.

According to a criminal complaint, Layman “tore paintings off the wall with her hands” and threw abstract sculptures across the room. She also poured red wine on the paintings, authorities say.

In all, three paintings and two sculptures were damaged.

In an initial court appearance, prosecutors said Layman was intoxicated after a first date with Buzbee and hid in his home when he called an Uber for her. She later yelled “I’m not leaving,” before attacking the artwork, which included paintings by Andy Warhol, authorities said.

Ahhh… Now the picture comes into focus.

The bitch is 29, while Buzbee is 49. He probably thought she could make a good mistress or whatever, but then she arrived at his house and looked like this:

And then he was like “lol I ain’t doin’ that!” So he tried to kick her out after having a few drinks for politeness’s sake. Sensing her gravy train was slipping from her fingers (not to mention that she wouldn’t get laid), she flipped out and started trashing the place.

Layman was booked into the Harris County jail and released Sunday after posting $30,000 bond. Her next court appearance is set for Thursday.

If her crimes were limited to only breaking ugly modern art pieces, then this case could be settled merely be selling her into slavery and using the funds to compensate Buzbee. But the circumstances surrounding this situation suggest she could be guilty of a far worse crime: getting a date with deceptive Tinder profile pics.

Only the most extreme punishments offered by White Sharia could apply in such a case.

The bitch is lucky the cops got her before the thot patrol did.

These guys don’t take Tinder fraud lightly.

The takeaway from all this is, don’t meet women in your home on the first date. There are many good reasons for this:

  1. You don’t want them knowing your real name, nevermind where you live.
  2. It’s not worth it to put away all your valuables in case you find out she’s secretly a Jew.
  3. If you decide she’s unfuckable, that will cause her to flip out and tear up all your crap.
  4. If the date turns into a code “T” (tranny), you’ll want to skip out on the bill. You can’t do that if you’re at home.

Don’t make the same mistake Tony did.