Drunk on Their Own Kool Aid, Jews Protest Themselves at AIPAC

Daily Stormer
March 28, 2017

The Jews have been dishonestly shilling for open borders, forced integration, and multiculturalism for all White countries for  so long now, that something I’m sure The Learned Elders of Zion find alarming has finally occurred.

Their young people are starting to believe it should apply to them too!

Jerusalem Post:

Protesters bore a banner saying: “Jews won’t be free until Palestinians are, reject AIPAC, reject occupation.”

Several hundred protesters coordinated by IfNotNow, a Jewish anti-establishment group, spent hours dancing and chanting outside AIPAC’s annual policy conference.

The placards and chants targeted the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for what the protesters said was its backing for Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and for not speaking out robustly against President Donald Trump.

Police allowed the protesters to reach the Washington Conventions Center’s glass doors. Some AIPAC activists stopped and took pictures of the protesters, as the protesters looked back, some waving and grinning.

“How can we have a sustained Jewish community in this country and a democratic Jewish community in Israel” as long as an occupation persists said Jeremy Zelinger, one of the protesters. “AIPAC does not represent us.”

This is an excellent development. I fully support the Jews fighting one another, especially in this context. After all, if mass immigration and forced assimilation is a good way to destroy the goyim, then it will sure as hell wreck the Jewish race as well, and with a quickness that will take your breath away faster than a lungful of Zyklon B!

Another theme was AIPAC’s supposed failure to confront the Trump administration on a range of other issues, including its restrictive policies on immigrants and refugees. AIPAC has rarely if ever pronounced on any U.S. government’s policy not having to do with Israel or its interests.

Neato, Jews, neato.

Why don’t you go to Israel and protest the lack of non-chosen immigrants and the complete lack of worthless, disease infested, state-dependent muzzrat refugee terrorists? I feel this is a question that should be asked of Jews whenever they shill anti-White nonsense in our base.

Imagine no more anti-White kikes. It’s easy if you try.

Jew vs Jew, giving new meaning to the term “win-win.”

Jews are just crotchety people with no sense of humor whatsoever, that’s why they’re always protesting something, and if the gentiles have not done something worthy of marching and shrieking about on any given day (excluding Shabbos, of course) they will march against themselves.

You see, the Jews are the most hated group of people in history for a reason, and no one knows this better than other Jews, thus, they hate themselves. They hate themselves so much that they even have Knesset members (the Israeli version of a congressman) come to America to protest their own country, whatever sense that makes.

So, in conclusion, I am officially endorsing the Jew vs Jew AIPAC protests, and I encourage participants on both sides to elevate the hostility whenever possible.

You’re doing our work for us. Keep it up, and Antiracist Hitler can retire to a nice Bavarian Chateau!