Drunk Black Crashes Into Motorcycle, Killing White Driver and Putting His Fiancée in Coma

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2020

More white lives ruined because at some point in time someone in power said “you know those people who never invented the wheel? I think it’s about time we let them behind the wheel.”


A local college is dealing with the tragic death of a student as 37-year-old Kevin Mroczko was killed early Sunday morning when a drunk driver hit his motorcycle on US-401 near Byrd Road.

Mroczko was a military veteran and a student at Methodist University.

Curtis Harris of Benson is charged in Mroczko’s death. The charge list includes felony death by motor vehicle, two felony counts of hit and run, and four misdemeanors including a DWI.

Curtis Harris

Troopers say it was dark and foggy early Sunday morning when Harris ran into the back of Mroczko’s Harley Davidson, throwing him and his fiancée Stephanie Warn off the bike. Mroczko died instantly. Warn was flown to UNC where troopers say she is in a coma.

Mroczko’s death sent shockwaves of grief through the nursing school where he just started in August after transitioning out of the military where he deployed several times.

Dr. Shannon Matthews was devastated when she got the news but said the students are taking the loss even harder.

“I mean they were so close. They were in classes all day together so they eat lunch together. They had lab together twice a week. They knew each other very well so this had been devastating,” Matthews said.

Kevin Mroczko and Stephanie Warn