Drumpf’s Fence Gets a New Paint Job While America Gets One Million Migrants

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2019

The news coming from the border is so bad and so Kafkaesque that it beggars belief.

The Hill:

United States military personnel deployed near the U.S.-Mexico border have reportedly been assigned to paint certain barrier structures to strengthen their “aesthetic appearance.”

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) informed Congress that troops are going to spend the next month painting barriers and that “the primary purpose is to improve the aesthetic appearance.”

Trump sure wasn’t kidding when he said “aesthetic fence!”

But wait, there’s more!

To all the proponents of the 14D chess theory out there, listen up, this part is just for you.

DHS pointed to the benefits of painting border structures in its notification to Congress, noting that painting border barriers in Tucson, Ariz., helped Border Patrol agents combat “camouflaging tactics of illegal border crossers” who tried to escape detection, CBS News reported. DHS added that migrants appear to have more difficulty climbing painted barriers.

See, we’re reaching levels of caved-headedness that shouldn’t be possible.

And this isn’t me saying that MAGApedes are dumb as dirt.

This is the DHS saying it.

Because if the DHS believes that this “paint will deter migrants” explanation will fly, then their opinion of MAGApedes is even lower than mine is at this point.

Although, if they were to paint this on the Wall…

If you can sell a MAGApede on the anti-migrant properties of paint, you can sell him on anything and you have to just, like, not kill a baby on live TV at that point and you’re pretty much home free.

Just put your feet up on the desk and light up a cigar – because that’s it, you’ve won. Democracy is like putting the fox in the chicken coop. Because the average voter is a complete and utter rube, it turns out. Who knew?

Meanwhile, the numbers are going up! up! UP!

The numbers of migrants swarming the border, that is. 

There’s a new estimate for how many illegals will enter the US in 2019. The number comes out at a whopping million plus.

The soldiers on the border did NOT form a human chain-link fence, as we suggested many months ago that they should. They have, instead, been coloring the Walls to make Drumpf giggle and clap in the way that jangling keys might elicit a similar reaction in a toddler – or perhaps, someone who still believes in Q Anon.

As the situation stands, unless Sean Hannity does a live report of a Mexican saying something offensive about Trump’s physical appearance that he himself happens to catch on the telly and takes offense to personally, it appears that the matter is simply finished and America will become a de facto borderless nation.

I wish we had the resources and agency to stage such an event.

It might save the country.