DRUMPF is Putting the Economy Before People’s Lives!!!!!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2020

What the media says Coronavirus is like
What Coronavirus is actually like

Despite Trump’s screw-ups with not closing the border in time and not getting someone out there to tell people to wear masks, despite the weird jingoism involving a zipperhead plot, his present narrative on the virus is basically on point.

I see little babies talking about “HOW CAN YOU PUT THE ECONOMY ABOVE PEOPLE’S LIVES???”

Shut the heck up, you little baby.

Obviously, Trump is personally concerned about the economy, because he bet bigly on it after he didn’t fulfill any of his promises. No one doesn’t know that. But for regular Americans locked in their houses, the story is different.

Firstly, for normal people, it isn’t about the economy any further than it is about the way an economic collapse affects the real lives of real people. The actual issue is that forcing people to stay inside of their houses all day long is causing massive personal psychological stress. Especially when you add the fear that is being shoved down their throats, absolutely none of which is justifiable. People are already committing suicide, because human beings are social creatures and isolation leads to psychological breaks.

Secondly, yes, people living their lives means that people die.

Every year, 1.25 million people die globally in car accidents – that’s 3,287 people a day.

In America in 2018, 36,560 people died in car crashes. So, 100 a day.

Right now, with the country shut down, we’re “saving” more people from dying of car crashes than we are “saving” from dying of Coronavirus.

Furthermore, we’re “saving” tens of thousands of people from dying in workplace accidents. Because hey – you can’t die in a workplace accident if you’re not working!

Living life involves risks.

Following this stupid theory of “even if we only save one life, it’s worth it,” we should all just be locked in sterile padded rooms.

Our food can be delivered to us by robots in vacuum tubes like they used to have at banks.

Better yet, we can just suck gruel out of a straw like a hamster. (This can also provide us with a bit of romance.)

And we can defecate in vacuum toilets like they have on airplanes.

We could all just live our lives in these rooms, and then there would never be anything to kill us other than old age. I guess the economy is the only thing keeping us from living our entire lives alone in sterile plastic rooms – so let’s just go all the way with this, and build a new society where everyone spends every second of their life alone in a plastic room.

Better yet, we could just plug ourselves into Matrix pods. If we can’t figure out the brain-interface thing, we can just give people lobotomies, and leave them floating in the ooze, with tubes pumping nutrients into their veins and tubes removing their bodily waste.

Just think of all the lives it would save if our consciousnesses were removed and we were all just floating in ooze.

Anything short of lobotomizing everyone and putting them in pods is “putting the economy over people’s lives.”