Drug-ocaust in the Philippines: 300 Dealers Dead

Daily Stormer
July 28, 2016


This Flip bastard has one weird trick to clean up his streets, and basically – your drug trade is screwed. Dealers hate him!

We previously reported how Philippines President Rodrigo Dutertes had a plan to free his country from the grip of drug abuse and crime.

His plan was simple but ingenious.

Kill them all.


This kind of out-of-the-box thinking is rare in this age of political correctness and “human rights.” In any case, it seems his plan is progressing smoothly.


RODRIGO “The Punisher” Duterte vowed to eliminate drug crime via state sanctioned murder and he’s fulfilling that promise with chilling efficiency.


He’s even involving the community in the process. 

The official death toll since the Philippine president’s call on authorities and citizens last month to kill drug users and dealers on sight is almost 300 but the true figure is certain to be higher.

The victims nobody reported missing, or cared enough about to identify, are unlikely to have made anyone’s list.

Now the horrific results of Duterte’s crackdown have been illustrated in an extraordinary series of photographs by Getty’s Dondi Tawatao.

According to police data, 293 suspected users and pushers were killed during police operations between July 1 and July 24. Human rights groups say this figure does not include countless people murdered by vigilantes in street executions.

Colombian paramilitaries brandish their automatic assault weapons during a training session in the Colombian jungle in this file photo taken on May 4, 2000. Led by an articulate former army scout, Carlos Castano, the paramilitaries, known as the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), grew ninefold to 8,000 fighters in the eight years to 2000 accused of human rights abuses. The paramilitaries are now one of the biggest military problems for Colombia's guerrilla groups, which are fighting the regular armed forces as well. These have recently been bolstered by $1 billion in mainly military U.S. aid for the government's anti-drug "Plan Colombia".     REUTERS/Jose Miguel Gomez/File photo --- Image by © Reuters/CORBIS


This is a pretty brutal way to do things. But it’s the only way that works for a third world country like this. When you have a situation in which organized crime is more powerful than the government and is oppressing the people, radical action is necessary to break it’s stranglehold.

The people are so fed up with living in constant fear of criminals that they don’t mind if the solution “colors outside the lines” a little bit.

Duterte is a crazy son of a bitch. But he has a proven track record of success in suppressing crime and restoring public order.


I guess seeing this on every street corner would make any criminal question his career choices.

This may look distasteful to a soft and proper Western public, but if something isn’t done soon about our immigrant problem, the resulting scenario will make even this violence look like a hippie music festival by comparison.