Drones Bomb Saudi Oil Facilities! Who Cares!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2019

I guess I can believe Iran did this. Houthis are Iranian proxies and they’re not ultra competent.

Maybe if Saudi Arabia doesn’t want to get bombed, they shouldn’t be doing a genocide against Yemen, I guess?

Or, you know – whatever.

My question is: who gives a shit?


A drone attack on Saudi oil facilities claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels prompted Washington to blame Tehran, with US warhawk, Senator Lindsey Graham, calling for a strike against Iran.

The smoke from the huge fires at the world’s largest oil processing plant caused by the strike had barely dissipated when officials in Washington jumped at the opportunity to use the occasion to push an anti-Iranian agenda.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Tehran for what he called “an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply” but stopped short of suggesting any retaliatory measures.

Meanwhile Graham was quick to turn to Twitter to call for swift retaliation.

The senator linked the need to stop Iran’s alleged “provocations” to the seemingly ultimate goal of Washington’s policy toward Tehran – regime change – as he said that the Islamic Republic would not stop until the consequences of its “misbehavior” would be “more real, like attacking their refineries, which will break the regime’s back.”

Riyadh denounced the drone strike as a “terrorist attack” but did not immediately name a perpetrator. Houthis claimed responsibility for the Saturday morning assault, which resulted in massive blazes at the refinery in the city of Abqaiq in the kingdom’s oil-rich Eastern Province and another facility at the vast Khurais oil field, around 150km (93 miles) from Riyadh.

US President Donald Trump has already phoned Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and offered help to the Kingdom in ensuring its security. He also said that the attack on the Saudi oil facilities could be detrimental to the American and the global economy.

The United States does not have an energy problem.

Three days ago, it was announced that we were briefly – for the first time ever – exporting more oil than Saudi Arabia.

There is no strategic issue here for the United States of America.

We do not need to be involved with any of these people for any practical reason.

The only reason that the United States would care about this situation is if our entire foreign policy is controlled by Jews.

Which, of course, it is.

So there you have it, I guess.