Dresden: Protesters Openly Calling for Russia to Annex Germany

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2015

So this is fun.

This happened over a week ago, and I didn’t see it.

Protesters in Dresden – which is old East Germany – are chanting for an annexation of Germany by Russia.

They are chanting “Putin to Berlin, Merkel to Siberia.”

For those who don’t remember, Siberia is where the USSR gulags were located.

This is a rather incredible development, no?

I mean, sure, you can say “well, this is just one group.”

But it is hundreds of people.

Ignoring the historical significance of this momentarily, we see that, for better or worse, Putin is becoming to disenfranchised White Europeans what “Mama Merkel” is for refugees. He is looked at as the last and best hope as a protector of Europeanism.

And the historical significance is that people from the East Bloc feel that life was much better under communism.

And this is a feeling that many in all East European countries have. Even a lot of young people. I talk to them. They will say, “well, no system is perfect, but the Western model has not really helped anything in our society.”

It’s a heavy thing.

The good part is, though Putin is retaining positive aspects of the communist system, he has also cleared out the negatives.

And with the way he just got Netanyahu to bitch out on Syria, I think a absorption of Eastern Europe – in the sense of regaining political dominance in the region – is clearly something within his capacity. And I would also suppose it is on the agenda.

However, instead of using the Soviet model of installing Russians as rulers over these states, he is going to opt for propping up nationalist parties in these countries, from which he will demand much less tribute that the EU is presently demanding from them. He is, of course, already doing this, as we see these far-right leaders constantly going and meeting with Russian officials in Moscow, getting loans from them and so on.

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Exciting times.

Please note that I was writing about this two years ago.

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And a bunch of people were like “he’s a shill, he goes to Israel and talks to Jews.”

And I was like “yeah but wait, I think this could be part of the plan.”

Now, he is literally in Syria, fighting the Jews. And has forced Netanyahu to just submit to him.

I mean, can you imagine what was said when Bibi flew to Moscow for an emergency meeting – in the middle of Yom Kippur?

I think Putin said “any further attacks on Assad’s forces in Syria will from this point forward be looked at as an attack on Russia, and will be responded to appropriately.”

I think Putin’s previous meetings with top Jews, which probably went something like this:

In contrast, I think the emergency meeting with Netanyahu looked m something like this:

I think the guy’s got a plan, guys. And I think it is finally coming to fruition.

We are witnessing it.

I don’t think he necessarily cares to save us. But he does care to destroy the people ruling over us, as they are his enemies as much as they are ours.

Exciting times ahead, as the happening continues to accelerate!