Dreams Do Come True

2022 is shaping up to be an alright year, folks.


If the rumors are true, Taco Bell is going to resurrect a popular item from its menu that the fast food chain killed off back last fall. Via Instagram, a popular food blogger is reporting that the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is returning in either April or May of 2022. News that’s prompted a cavalcade of stories and posts all following up on the tip, heralding the return of what had been one of the chain’s most popular menu items.

If it’s true? This will no doubt juice the chain’s foot traffic in a big way once it happens. Sort of like how Starbucks’ introduction of pumpkin spice items in the fall always brings in a flood of customers. Similarly, killing off a fan-favorite item just to bring it back again is a tried-and-true fast-food industry practice, whether or not that’s what’s really going on here. And speaking of fan favorites — hoo, boy, don’t you dare try to pretend Taco Bell doesn’t have some intense fans.

Now, if McDonald’s also brings back those little pizzas they used to have…

…that would just be the top of the pops.

I would literally go through the Taco Bell drive-thru, get the Mexican pizza, then go through the McDonald’s drive-thru, get the McDonald’s pizza, scarf them both down and then purposefully crash my car at high speeds and die knowing that life simply could not be any better so there is no reason to continue.

It would be just like that song I don’t really remember very well from the 1990s.