Dreamboat Luke Perry Dead at 52!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2019

The guy who played a 32-year-old high schooler in the famous show 90210 has tragically died.

90210 was like Saved by the Bell, only not hilarious.

Also, he may have been in Melrose Place as well. More research would be needed to determine that.


Luke Perry, who shot to fame as a moody teen rebel on the seminal 1990s series Beverly Hills, 90210, died Monday after suffering a massive stroke last week. He was 52.

A rep for the actor confirmed the sad news to Yahoo Entertainment in a statement:

Actor Luke Perry, 52, passed away today after suffering a massive stroke. He was surrounded by his children Jack and Sophie, fiancé Wendy Madison Bauer, ex-wife Minnie Sharp, mother Ann Bennett, step-father Steve Bennett, brother Tom Perry, sister Amy Coder, and other close family and friends. The family appreciates the outpouring of support and prayers that have been extended to Luke from around the world, and respectfully request privacy in this time of great mourning. No further details will be released at this time.”

I often say “cocaine is actually healthy for you.” But that technically is not true.

It’s just healthier than gay-weed marijuana.

Extended use will cause you to die in your early to mid fifties from a heart attack or a stroke. This is true no matter how many years clean you are, assuming you did it seriously for a while. It’s like installing a time bomb inside your body.

HOWEVER – you are basically just doubling up your adventure time while cutting the part that you’re doubling off of the end of your life. Unlike marijuana, where you are literally losing time by making everything slow and boring, like you’re stuck in a timewarp.

So I do maintain that cocaine should be legalized, because it is healthy for the function of the brain.

Furthermore, who needs to live to be older than 52? Shit is pretty much completely pointless after that anyway.

We’ll miss ya, Luke.

You truly were a great actor.