“Drain the Swamp” is a Code Word for “Jews Out!”

Daily Stormer
November 23, 2016


tfw swamp about to get drained.

When Donald Trump is talking about “draining the swamp,” what he means is that he intends to remove subversive elements within the state apparatus, in order to fix the corruption problem from which it’s suffering.

Now, when you remove subversives, it just so happens that most of those being removed will be Jewish.

This is purely a coincidence, of course.

But it seems some misguided bigots have taken to equating “swamp draining” with purging Jews.



Sanford Levinson, a renowned legal scholar and a visiting professor at Harvard Law School, on Monday received an anti-Semitic letter, which called him a “kike” and said, “We’re gonna drain the swamp at Harvard Law.”

Levinson, a professor at the University of Texas Law School who is known for his writings on Constitutional law, told BuzzFeed News that the letter appeared to be mailed from Great Britain to his office at Harvard Law School where he has been a visiting faculty member for years. The letter addressed Levinson as “Sandy.”


Eloquent and witty; truly a quality piece of literature.

Levinson said that he has previously received his fair share of “antagonistic and nasty” mail because of his blogs and op-eds, especially those in which he criticized Donald Trump.

“But this is just another level,” said Levinson, who is a vocal Trump critic. “This kind of raw anti-Semitism.”

You think this is the next level of anti-Semitism, Jew?

I guess you never visited 4chan.


Now that’s what I call raw anti-semitism. Hardy har har.

The note read, “You just got your ass kicked kike.” It ended with “Juden Raus” a German phrase that translates to “Jews out,” referring to the name of an infamous Nazi-era board game with the theme of deporting German Jews.

Oh, my, we have a connoisseur here.

I guess the next goal of the Republican movement must be to develop their own board game. I propose we just re-release this one.


I need this in my life.

The anti-Semitic note was shared on social media by his wife, Cynthia Levinson, who wrote, “This has never happened before in my lifetime.”

In a following Facebook post, she wrote, “We are fine, just angry, like you. The message was not personal. It targeted a minority group and, therefore, all minority groups. We support each other by exposing and condemning the venom.

The Jew’s first reflex, when being singled out as a group, is to shield himself behind all these other minority groups he’s flooded our countries with. This is why Jews feel safer in “diverse” nations than in homogeneous ones; they know they can agitate the other minority groups to fight the White majority on their behalf.

“It is Trump who opened the gates for this kind of language in public that hasn’t been seen in a while,” Professor Levinson said.


This is a new era. And your swamp is about to get drained, Jews.



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