Dragon Energy: Kanye and the Woke Black Phenomenon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2018

Kanye is going full MAGA at a time when American blacks are accusing Jews of controlling the weather, praising Nazis at the Holohoax Museumattacking Jews on the street and pushing Mexicans in front of trains.

Say whatever you want about the blacks, but I’m liking where this is going.

Daily Mail:

Kanye West put his love for Donald Trump on full display as he donned his MAGA hat while leaving his California studio not long after he traded adoring tweets with the president and blasted former president Barack Obama on Twitter. 

West was spotted walking out of his Calabasas studio with a smoothie in one hand and his cell phone in the other.

Along with his MAGA hat, he sported a pair of dark shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt, accompanied by a light grey jacket as he chatted with his entourage.

His public appearance came shortly after he exchanged tweets with the president earlier on Wednesday.

The love affair between West and Trump intensified as the rapper showed off another MAGA hat that was signed by the president and took aim at Obama – despite Kim Kardashian’s attempts to step in.

Fuck you, Kim you money-grubbing whore. Stay out of Kanye’s way. He should divorce you.

His music has gotten shittier and shittier since you’ve been involved, now you’re trying to stop him from having a political revolution.

Kanye is obviously a goofy whitebred black guy, but whatever.

Black people look up to him.

He did cuck on the kike issue, but I think he’s still pissed off about being forced to cuck on that and he may well be planning his revenge.

I’m 100% in support of black people being against the Jews and immigrants.

There is absolutely nothing at all bad that can come from that development.

Chance the Rapper is also getting on board, it looks like.

That’s apparently a response to Kanye’s thing.

And it could be the beginning of a domino effect.

I know for a fact that black people hate “white allies” pretty much more than they hate anything on earth – definitely a whole shit of a lot more than they hate neo-Nazis – so a revolt against these ninnying white women and the cuckold antifa who think they’re protecting these coloreds by treating them like babies is something which should be easy to help along.

You trolls gotta come into your own and start with some smart trolling.

I’m writing this news all day – because I don’t have a real staff, because we have no fucking money – and I can’t just sit around and figure out ways to make this stuff happen.

You gotta get on it.

Figure out ways to support Kanye and this woke black movement and drive a wedge between them and the Democrat party.

Connect MAGA Kanye, the attacks on Jews on the street and the Jews control the weather guy with memes and other social engineering. There are a million different angles on this, a million different elements that can be woven in.

This can easily be done over the internet, and if it was done right, it would be approximately 80 quadrillion times more important than any cringe-ass neo-Nazi street march.