Dr. Fauci Says Protests are Perfect Excuse for Coronavirus Lockdown 2.0

“Black penises matter.” — some slut.

We’ve tried to keep you alive. The only thing that you needed to do was to obey, stay home, and avoid other people. But you’ve been breaking the rules, and now we’ll have to be even more severe this time — to protect your health, of course.

Daily Mail:

Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned that Black Lives Matter protests are the ‘perfect setup’ for further spread of COVID-19.

After nearly two weeks of people demanding the defunding of police and laws to better protect citizens, Fauci has expressed his concern about the gatherings.

It’s a perfect setup for further spread of the virus in the sense of creating these blips which might turn into some surges,’ Fauci told WTOP radio on Friday.

Fauci, the director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the only thing health experts can do is remind people to wear masks and take precautions.

It’s a difficult situation. We have the right to peacefully demonstrate and the demonstrators are exercising that right,’ Fauci added.

Wait. hold on.

People have a right to peacefully “demonstrate” that allows them to leave their homes? What about the other rights? What about the Constitution?

If people had rights all along, then how could the government have forced Americans into the house arrest lifestyle?

What is even going on here?

It’s a delicate balance because the reasons for demonstrating are valid and yet the demonstration itself puts oneself at an additional risk.’

The US is nearing 2 million cases of coronavirus and there had been 109,802 deaths as of Sunday.

Fauci reiterated his concern in another interview published Sunday.

‘As I sat in front of the TV and watched the screen go from Washington, D.C., to New York City, to Los Angeles, to Philadelphia, I got really concerned,’ Fauci told the Sunday Times of London.

I was going, “Oh my goodness. I hope this doesn’t set us back a lot.” [After] all of the work in trying to maintain the physical distance and doing all the things, I became very concerned that we might see a resurgence.’

So the reasons for “demonstrating” are “valid” but the reasons why people want to leave their homes during the lockdown aren’t?

Working isn’t a valid reason?

Meeting family, friends, and loved ones isn’t?

What about getting some fresh air and sunlight?

At least they’re kind of congruent with their previous policy: people can only leave their homes to go to the store.

Looting or buying, it’s all the same.