Dr. Duke interviews Dr. Kevin MacDonald on the Political War Waged Against Trump and White Americans

David Duke
October 8, 2016


Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They started off talking about the fact that not a single major newspaper has endorsed Donald Trump. Even many traditional Republican papers, if they have endorsed anyone, have endorsed Hillary or even stoner Gary Johnson.

They then discussed the VP debate. Professor MacDonald noted the complete rudeness of Tim Kaine constantly interrupting Pence and the moderator for the most part allowing it. But even more disturbing was Pence’s contradiction of key Trump policies and his failure to defend Trump against the attacks and insults launched by Pence. Dr. Slattery joined and said that Trump is unique in so many of his policy positions, so Pence’s traditional cuckservatism makes an assassination of Trump a viable way of putting an end to the revolution he is unleashing.

This is a fascinating show that you will not want to miss.