Dr Duke & Eric Striker: The Kangaroo Conviction of Jacob Goodwin – Full Speed to a Soviet America!

David Duke
May 3, 2018

Today Dr. Duke and Eric Striker had a lively conversation about the Kangaroo Kourt Konviction of Jacob Goodwin. Goodwin, a participant in the United the Right rally last August in Charlottesville, interceded when two violent blacks assaulted an older rally participant in an attempt to steal his flag. Goodwin and other forced DeAndre Harris off the man, whom he had just clubbed in the head. Goodwin now faces ten years in prison.

We have come to a point where all someone has to do is say “White supremacist,” “neo-Nazi,” or “KKK” and all your rights are taken away. They also talked about Prime Minister Bibi being challenged on Israel’s nuclear weapons by Chris Cuomo.

This show is a powerful show. Please share it widely.