Dr. Duke & Eric Striker on How the Mainstream Left Now Openly Supporting White Genocide

David Duke
December 29, 2016

Today Dr. Duke had Eric Striker of the Daily Stormer as his guest for the hour. The spent the first half of the show talking about Drexel University professor and self described communist George Ciccariello-Maher, who has used Twitter to promote and celebrate genocide against whites on more than one occasion. It is a bizarre Jewish Supremacist world that we live in where someone promoting the genocide of the majority of our country can be a respected professor while someone simply voicing opposition to it, like yesterday’s guest Emily Youcis, loses her job for speaking out.

Then they turned their attention to the uproar about the UN Security Council resolution condemning (but doing nothing about) Israel’s illegal settlements in the occupied territories. As repugnant as Israeli policy towards Palestinians is, it is their massive nuclear arsenal and their intercontinental delivery systems that pose an existential threat to us. Far from being a U.S. ally, Israel always puts itself first and is willing to kill Americans, commit terrorism against us, spy on us, betray us even though they wouldn’t even have a country but for us!

This is a fascinating and inspiring show. Please share it widely.