Dr. Duke, Dr. MacDonald & Dr. Slattery Christen the New Year with Trump, The Big Short Movie and Exposing Jewish Hypocrisy

David Duke
December 6, 2015


Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They discussed Donald Trump’s exposure of Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy for supporting a wall along Israel’s borders, but opposing a wall for the United States.

They then went on to discuss to the Zio Hollywood movie “The Big Short.” They pointed out that while this movie portrays Wall Street’s culpability in both creating the housing bubble during the last decade and then ripping off investors as the bubble collapsed, it papers over the massive Jewish role in the collapse. Jewish characters were played by gentile actors. This is a familiar pattern in other Hollywood movies about wall street.

This was a great first show for the year. Please share it widely.