Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald: Media Complicit in Hillary’s Support for ISIS

David Duke
October 14, 2016


Today Dr. Duke has Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They talked about the new evidence verifying what Dr. Duke has been saying all along about Hillary Clinton and the U.S. zio-establishment supporting ISIS. The irrelevant and often baseless stories about Donald Trump’s attitudes towards women must be viewed as part of a “vast left-wing conspiracy” to cover-up Hillary’s crimes. Except that the right-wing establishment is just as complicit, and its not just Hillary’s crimes that are covered up.

Of course, no explanation makes sense without bringing in Jewish domination of society. The Jews form the basis a hostile elite that has a very different set of interests then the majority of Americans, namely wars, massive immigration, and marginalization of whites. Their wildly out of proportion political influence can be seen in the fact that Hillary’s top seven donors — George Soros, James Simmons, Henry Laufer, Donald Susman, Herbert Sandler, Chaim Sabben, and Cheryl Sabben — are all Jewish. Given that Jews are only 2% of the population, that means the odds of this “just being a coincidence” is 781 billion to one.

This is a powerful show that you will want to share widely.