Downtown Minneapolis: 10 Shot, 2 Dead, No Arrests

The solution to the problem of black people emptying clips on random crowds of people in densely populated urban centers is to abolish the police and let all the blacks out of prison.


A shooting in downtown Minneapolis killed two people and wounded eight others, police said early Saturday.

The 10 people shot included five men and five women, the police department said in a series of tweets.

Two of the men died and another man was at a hospital in critical condition, police said. The other seven wounded people had injuries not considered to be life-threatening.

No arrests were immediately announced.

The only reason blacks act like this is that they were oppressed by white people.

If white people would simply stop oppressing them with slavery and microaggressions and so on, blacks would stop popping off at random people in the middle of the road in crowded urban areas.

It’s called the “racism to mass shooting pipeline” for a reason. It’s just a pipeline, where abused blacks who have hurt feelings due to the meanness of whites do mass shootings.

If you don’t want to get shot, you should consider being nicer to black people. Consider doing more for people of color.

If you’ve already donated all your money to black causes and spent all of your days marching through the street demanding more justice for blacks, then consider self-immolating yourself in the name of Black Lives.

One major benefit of the self-immolation route for fighting for equity is that you don’t have to worry about being shot randomly by a black person if you’ve already burned yourself to death.

However you choose to fight for equity, you need to always remember one thing: black people are never responsible for their own behavior, in any situation no matter what. This is only not true if blacks do something good, in which case it is 100% a result of their own self-actualization.

Of course, blacks rarely do anything good, because they are always so oppressed by whites, especially through microaggressions and white fragility, and this takes away their ability to be conscious actors exercising personal agency.

If we really want the blacks to stop shooting, we need to examine ourselves and begin to abolish whiteness.