Doomed Nation: Millennials Stop Having Children – Numbers Even Lower Now Due to Virus Hoax!

Yes, Bill Gates was going around preaching depopulation and had devoted his life to that goal.

And yes, Bill Gates invented the coronavirus pandemic.

However, those two things are completely unrelated.

It’s just a coincidence that when Bill Gates was trying to be a nice person and help people by informing them they were going to die from a deadly flu virus that he also reduced births.

The Hill:

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in earnest in the United States in March of 2020, there was a winking suggestion that we might see a baby boom nine months later, as couples found themselves in lockdown together and in need of entertainment. Social scientists who study fertility, however, saw a perfect storm brewing of factors that could lead to a large baby bust:

-An economic downturn
-High levels of uncertainty or pessimism about the future
-Fewer social interactions

Early forecasts estimated that the U.S. would have 300,000 to 500,000 fewer births in 2021 as a result of the pandemic — so far, the evidence supports these predictions. One-third of women surveyed in the spring of 2020 said they planned to delay or reduce their fertility as a result of the pandemic, and Google searches for phrases related to pregnancy plummeted.

Some of this decline was expected, due to changing immigration patterns and a narrowing of the gap in birth rates between Hispanic and non-Hispanic women. And some of it is welcome, as unintended births have fallen even more rapidly since 2007, including an astounding 60 percent decline in the teen birth rate over this period.

Of course, this is not ultimately the fault of Bill Gates, but ultimately the fault of the Christian church in America, which became the Judeo-Christian church and abandoned the people.

Imagine that Judeo-Christians went along with the idea that “teen pregnancy” is a bad thing.

Why is it a bad thing? Because the bitch needs an education past the age of puberty?

Why does she need that education?

By the time a girl is fertile, she can already read and write and do basic math.

If she’s going to be having sex – and basically, everyone agrees she’s going to be having sex – why should she not be getting pregnant?

Which is better:

  • Premarital sex that leads to pregnancy and parent-forced marriage, or
  • Premarital sex with endless partners that leads to a lucrative career in sucking dick and no children or family?

Human biology hasn’t changed: after food and water and not freezing to death, sex is the number one drive of all mammals.

The very first command that God gave to any living thing on earth was to be fruitful and multiply.

A girl getting pregnant at 15 and then getting immediately married is better than a girl not getting married. The traditional Christian “no sex before marriage” goal was not ever a realistic goal, it was more of an ideal. In reality, people are going to have sex, so you force them to get married.

Judeo-Christians now support women going to college, and some of them have the nerve to claim they are still against premarital sex.

What does that even mean?

They expect the female to remain a virgin until she is 30?

Christians lost the plot when they endorsed feminism.

Women should NEVER go to college and women over the age of 18 should be pressured by everyone – including the church – to get married as soon as possible.

The church claiming both that they are against sex before marriage and support women going to college has turned the church into a ridiculous joke that no one could possibly take seriously.

Obviously, the “worship the Jews” thing has made them ridiculous as well, but feminism came first.

At this point, the evangelical church is only marketing itself to total morons who can’t understand very simple things, such as:

  • Women are not going to remain virgins until they are 30 in any large numbers, and that is not a reasonable demand to make of women
  • At no point in history before TV evangelists did Christians worship the Jews, therefore modern Judeo-Christianity is a different religion from the Christianity that existed for thousands of years

If you’re too stupid to understand either of those things, and a lot of other simple things as well, then the church welcomes you.

If not, you can just go to hell.

The evangelical Judeo-Christian heaven is only open to 90 IQ morons and the whorish divorced women that the church comforts instead of scorns like the Bible tells them to do.

It’s very straight-forwardly a mortal sin to marry a divorced woman.

The evangelicals however welcome divorced women and encourage men to marry these used up hookers.

In fact, the evangelicals allowed Joyce Meyer, a divorced and remarried woman, to preach the gospel of divorce in the church!

She’s a joker, she’s a smoker – she’s a midnight toker!

Was a woman supposed to be preaching in the church???


The only American church that was right about anything in the last four decades was the Westboro Baptist Church!

They had no love for the sickening Jews either!

They knew that God hates the Jews!

Where were they on the issue of divorce??? Right again!

Westboro Baptist Church was literally the last warning for America. America rejected that warning and faggot evangelical Judeo-Christians started talking about “God is love.”

On Judgement Day, Judeo-Christians are going to have to explain why they didn’t listen to WBC and instead supported fags and Israel.

(Note: at some point in the future, I’m going to go through and show that WBC was right about literally everything and that they were out on the streets – everyone knew who they were – preaching this stuff just as America had their very last chance to repent, and Americans instead laughed at them – including the sickening Judeo-Charlatans. It really needs to be collected, point-by-point.)

The only reason that fiends like Bill Gates were able to take over our society and force their lunatic agenda, take all of our freedoms and shut down our breeding, is that the people had already abandoned GOD and thus been abandoned by GOD.

The people gave in to the wickedness of their own hearts, then through Judeo-Christianity, decided to relabel their wickedness as righteousness!

Now we’re all paying the price for this iniquity!

America is a DOOMED nation!