Doomed Nation: 40% of Brits Want Masks to Remain Permanently

I have written about the book “State of Fear,” which explains how in Britain, in response to the coronavirus, teams of psychologists working for SAGE had a plan to make the British people as scared as possible on purpose. This is a real thing. The author puts together a bunch of official government documents showing that their literal stated goal was to make people as scared as possible, on purpose.

Here’s an interview with the author that summarizes some of the key points in the book.

The justification was that the virus really was very, very dangerous, but that people wouldn’t understand how dangerous it was unless the media and government manipulated them into believing it was more dangerous than it actually is.

This campaign has been very successful in Britain. Possibly, it is more successful than they even intended it to be.

According to a recent poll by Ipsos MORI, released by The Economist, 40% of the population of the UK wants masks to remain forever. A full 35% want permanent restrictions on travel.

What this demonstrates is the power of the modern electronic media apparatus to be turned against the population and used to create mass delusion.

Basically, all of these emotional and psychological manipulation techniques were developed by the advertising industry. You can look up the Jew Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, to find the roots of this in the mid-twentieth century.

The story is this: in the post-war era, everyone had everything they needed to live, because of the industrial developments before and especially during the war. No one was going to be cold or hungry. But there was a perceived need by the elite to keep people working and struggling to get by. Hence, you had to convince people to struggle to buy things that were not needed for their survival. Hence, the birth of consumerism.

“I Love Lucy” (1951-1957) was one of the first big campaigns in this process. Lucy lived in a house with all of these material objects which were unnecessary for life, and women watched this show, and said “I want all those things Lucy has.”

During the show, the commercials would then tell the viewer where they could go to buy all of these things.

Men would then rather provide their women with those objects rather than be nagged to death and have their masculinity undermined.

As technology developed and all of this stuff that people “needed” got cheaper and cheaper, these industries had to keep them struggling to buy more and more. At the same time, they were undermining the people’s economy to make it harder to get these things. Mass immigration and moving the manufacturing base outside of America were a big part of this.

Politicians and hard government organs were also using these techniques developed by the advertisement industry to sell people ideas that they also did not need.

The coronavirus hoax is the apotheosis of advertising. People were sold an invisible threat that doesn’t exist as being the defining element of their entire existence. And they bought it.

The Trump-Russia hoax proved that people will believe literally anything without the media offering any form of evidence or logic to justify the belief. The coronavirus hoax then proved that the public will massively sacrifice and transform their lives based on a belief that is not justified by data or reason.

There’s no bottom on this now.

We are entering a period of endless hoaxed crises. Most prominent will be the global warming hoax. The coronavirus hoax is the global warming hoax on steroids, but it also served as proof of concept: people will sacrifice every aspect of normalcy to fight an invisible and nonexistent threat.

More immediately, you’re about to get the cyber pandemic hoax, as has been announced by the World Economic Forum, and which has already begun with these idiotic fake ransomware hoaxes being staged by the CIA.

Computing Forever broke it down with all the clips and documents in May:

But it is just going to be hoax after hoax after hoax until you are living in a pod, vaxxed, sterilized, eating bugs, with a computer chip in your body that controls your thoughts.

That’s the plan, at least.

I do not believe it is ever going to get to that point, at least not on the global scale, because these people that run things are just too delusional, and this system is too based on lies to ever maintain itself in physical reality indefinitely.