Doomed: Hillary Leading Everyone

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2015


Remember how much you hated George Bush?  But now, if you’re like me, you look back on his Presidency fondly, realizing that he was not even close to as bad as Obama.

Well, that’s how you’re going to be feeling about Obama when Hillary is President.

what if i told you obama

And it does look like this evil dyke bitch is going to be President.


Hillary Clinton is leading top Republican contenders in three crucial swing states by hefty margins, but she has two scenarios where she could be evenly matched, according to a new poll.

Clinton has double digit leads over each of her would-be GOP foes for the presidency in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, with the exception of ties in Florida when matched up against the state’s former Gov. Jeb Bush and in Ohio against current Gov. John Kasich, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday. No candidate has won the presidency since 1960 without winning two of those three crucial states.

Other native sons didn’t fare as well against the former secretary of state, with Clinton still topping Florida’s Sen. Marco Rubio 49% to 39% and also leading Pennsylvania’s former Sen. Rick Santorum by 10 points in his state.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie flopped to Clinton by double digits in each of the three states, according to the poll, including in neighboring Pennsylvania where he caps at 39% to Clinton’s 50%, according to the Quinnipiac survey of 881 voters in that state.

Clinton’s lead in the polls also match her favorability ratings, which topped 50 percent according to Quinnipiac polling in all three states.

And the former first lady also owes some of her success to her appeal to women voters who gave Clinton an edge in every theoretical match-up. Even in Florida where she ties Bush, Clinton still wins over the female vote by an 11-point margin.

There is no way to stop this. Women have a collective identity, and they are all going to vote for her. Well, not literally every single one, but the vast majority. For no other reason than because she is one of them, against all of us.


And this will truly be a whole entirely new type of hell, brothers. Believeth you me. She is going to push things beyond the pale. Along with the obvious continuation and ratcheting-up of the SJW agenda, we are going to see new and viciously aggressive attacks on the things we hold very most precious: guns and speech.


The Ringerpublicans, though they would be better than this dyke, are not actually going to run a serious candidate. They know that no one is going to bother to go vote if they run yet another Bush. They could of course easily win by simply nominating Jeff Sessions, he could win on the single issue of immigration. Because every single (figuratively) White male would line up to vote.


But they are so completely married to big business and the rat-faced monsters who run it that they would never, ever be willing to forward a candidate who wants to close our borders.

And so: we get Hillary, and we get doomed.


Can you even begin to imagine how much this woman is going to change this country? She’ll be in for eight years. There will not even be a memory of America when she is finished.

It is time to get prepared for the worst.