Doom Virus? Flights Still Coming In, Tourists Not Even Getting Quarantined or Tested for Coronavirus

Government clowns are not funny.

We know that coronavirus is only about as dangerous as the flu, but the government continues to tell people that it is some kind of dangerous Doom Virus in order to justify that they’ve taken away all of your rights and all of these insane measures that they’re pushing.

At the same time, the government is still allowing people to come from other countries that supposedly have this allegedly dangerous viral threat, because the government clowns don’t believe in their own narrative about the coronavirus.

Imagine that the American people are not allowed to leave their homes, but people are allowed to fly in from other countries. This makes nothing approaching coherent sense if you believe in the narrative being pushed by the government and media.

The whole “be afraid, stay home” thing is a blatant stratagem to take away your rights and humiliate you.

Daily Mail:

Flights are continuing to land in the US from Wuhan and the rest of China and Europe despite the travel ban put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus.

According to Flight Tracker data, people are arriving into the US every day from the countries that have been blamed for sparking the outbreak across America, with flights even touching down from Wuhan where the global pandemic originated.

This comes as warnings mount that passengers are not being screened properly for the deadly virus on arrival into the US and as questions are being raised over how – if at all – the mandatory 14-day quarantine for returning travelers is being enforced.

According to Flight Tracker, five flights had landed into New York airports JFK and Newark from London, UK, airports by 4:30p.m. ET since the start of the day Wednesday.

More flights are also scheduled to land later into the evening and night.

The data also revealed flights continue to arrive from China – with a China Southern Airlines flight on schedule to land Wednesday night in JFK from Wuhan.

In LA, a China Eastern flight from Wuhan also touched down in LA International Airport Wednesday afternoon.

Direct flights from Wuhan. On both coasts.

Let that sink in.

Surely, China has basically beaten the virus, but they’ve done that by not worrying about it and just telling people to wear masks and stay home if they’re feeling sick. The idea that the government believes the absolutely nonsensical hysteria promoted by Anthony Fauci but also believes it is fine to let people fly in from Wuhan directly and not even do testing or quarantine is not close to believable.

What this means is that they do not believe Anthony Fauci and are simply pretending to believe him in order to push another agenda on the masses.

President Trump ordered bans on flights from several nations back in March as cases and deaths started to ramp up across the nation and he pointed the blame at international travel.

Foreign nationals who have visited countries including China, Iran, the UK, Republic of Ireland and several places in Europe in the previous 14 days are now banned from entering the US.

However, American citizens, green card holders, certain family members and other exceptions who have been to these high-risk countries can still fly into the US.

All arrivals from these areas – considered coronavirus hotspots by the US government – are sent to one of 13 airports that are able to screen them for the virus.

They are then required to quarantine at home for 14 days and provide contact details to airport officials.

Yeah, about that…

Daily Mail:

A glamorous Russian blogger says she has proved that the US is open for foreign tourism again, despite the pandemic, according to video obtained by

Sofia Semyonova, 33, a fitness model, told how she traveled on a crammed Aeroflot flight with 500-plus passengers with ‘no social distancing’ from Moscow to New York City.

She used her B2 tourist visa to enter America from Russia’s coronavirus epicentre ‘in 30 seconds without any extra questions’.

After taking time to pose for pictures in a deserted lockdown New York, she flew to Miami on a domestic flight for her vacation.

Her trip from Moscow was on the Russian state airline Aeroflot, which had claimed it was not flying scheduled services until August. Russia currently is reporting  309,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with just under 3,000 deaths.

The airline today declined to comment on this May 14 flight and the apparent lack of social distancing.

In contrast, tourists who have visited any countries in the European Union, the UK, China and Iran in the past 14 days are not currently permitted to enter the US.

Semyonova showed her one million followers the empty New York streets saying that it was on lockdown until June. The Big Apple does not require people to carry passes that Muscovites have been required to use when they go out.

The US doesn’t have any 14-day quarantine upon arrival,’ she said.

No one even measured my temperature either in the US, nor in Russia.’

The actions of these government people are not aligned with any of their statements.

They say that the virus is dangerous and that everyone must avoid human contact, yet they’re still letting people fly into the country. What purpose does the lockdown serve in curbing the spread if they’re going to allow the import of new cases of the virus anyway?

On the one hand they’re lying about the threat posed by the virus, which we know is about as threatening as the flu, and telling everyone to obey their weird demands in order “to save lives,” even though the only ones that can be considered at risk are very old people and the chronically ill. But on the other hand, they’re not even taking it seriously themselves. They allow people to crowd supermarkets. They allow flights from what are supposed to be dangerous places to land without even checking the passengers.

It may be the weirdest, most destructive kind of joke ever.

Clownworld has become Sad Clownworld.