Doom Finally Comes to Mexico as Metro Collapses, Killing Many

You hate to see it.


Twenty three people including minors died and around 79 were injured after a portion of an overpass carrying a metro train collapsed on a busy road in a southern suburb of Mexico City on Monday night.

The number of fatalities in the rail overpass disaster has climbed to 23, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said, adding that some minors were among those killed. The city’s civil protection agency reported that around 79 were injured.

A short CCTV video published by Milenio TV channel shows a section of an overpass suddenly collapsing on a road packed with vehicles.

Photos from the site show the train cars hanging above the crumbled supports, as rescue teams try to evacuated any passengers that may have been on board.

About two dozen ambulances attended the scene.

Preliminary reports said that the elevated rail collapsed when a vehicle struck one of the support pillars at street level. The train broke in two as it plummeted to the ground below.

Line 12 is the newest line of the Mexico City metro, inaugurated in 2012. It runs south-southwest of the Mexican capital, which has an estimated population of 9.2 million.

I just want to be clear here: don’t let this deceive you.

They might have a few bad engineers, but on the whole, Mexico is a much nicer country than America, in terms of infrastructure. Also, it’s better than America in terms of literally every other metric.

They do not, for example, have dumb political correctness. They also do not tear down classical architecture to build modern monstrosities.

Mexico sent all of their poorest people and their criminals into America, and then had those lowest people pump money back into their own country. They used that money on infrastructure. And if they find poor people or criminals hanging around they tell them “hey buddy – time to move along across the US border, okay? Plenty of stuff for poor people and criminals to do up there, we don’t need you here.”

The one problem Mexico hasn’t fixed is how ugly their women are. That said, the ugliest ones go to America, where even the ugliest manage to outshine the fat white millennial tattooed cows that line our streets.

Overall, what people need to understand is this: Mexico is a much, much better country than America, and they have gotten to be that way by exploiting our immigration system.

Along with that, Mexico also has more freedom than America, but that isn’t really saying much, because every country on earth, and every country ever in history, including Bolshevik Russia, surpasses 2021 America in the freedom department. It’s like a sick joke the way our government goes around talking about freedom.

Understand this: the only reason those masses of people from Central and South America are flooding our border is because they’re not allowed in Mexico. They’re too shitty, stupid and ugly to be allowed in Mexico, which is a serious country that has standards.

I don’t think you people know these things, but you better learn them – fast. The United States of America is literally the toilet of America, where the whole world dumps its shit. That is what the 1965 Immigration Act is: it turned America into the world’s Designated Shitting Street.

Mexico also does not have trannies or furries or any of the weird stuff.

Remember: Mexico supported Donald Trump building a wall, because they planned to use it in the reverse – to keep the garbage from their own country and from Central and South America and the rest of the world from getting into their country when the welfare runs out in America.

But with or without a wall, when the US government collapses and people try to flee to Mexico, they’re just going to send their military to the border, collapse all the bridges, and shoot to thrill (play to kill) whenever anyone tries to swim across.

They’re literally going to be blasting a mariachi mix of AC/DC when people start to try to get into their cozy country when the bottom falls out out of our sickening and deranged shithole.