“Don’t Ever Fuck Me, Tony” – Mommytown Issues Dire Warning to Patriarchs Putin and Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2018

A sycophantic eunuch of the Virulent Bitch-Queen of Mommytown AKA Germany is hitting out against the double patriarchists as they head to their meeting.

A dire warning declared.

Absolutely dire.


The German foreign minister has joined a number of anxious Western politicians in offering advice to Donald Trump ahead of the US president’s summit with Vladimir Putin, warning him against making “unilateral deals” with Russia.

Unilateral deals at the expense of allies will harm the United States, too. The one who hits his partners risks losing eventually,” Heiko Maas told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag in an interview released on Sunday.

I hate to do the old bit, but none of you seem to understand…

Nothing we do to any Europoor Islamic Shithole can harm the United States, because you do can do nothing to harm the United States. You are our “partners” in the way a gigantic prehistoric walrus is a partner with a line of marching ants acting erratically and confused because someone fumigated their queen.

Just to clarify, here’s us:

Here’s you:

We can at any point ally with Russia and invade you, it would take literally like 12 hours before Brussels made an announcement that the entire EU is surrendering.

Or we could just use the social media manipulation tactics developed by intelligence agencies during the Arab Spring to get the Moslems you flooded your countries with to rise up and overthrow your government – then march in as liberators.

None of you motherfuckers has any idea what you are dealing with, and it is becoming increasingly shocking that this is not becoming increasingly obvious to you.

Geopolitical power is, was and always will be a zero-sum game.

And both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, being ALPHA MALES, are operating under that reality.

That is going to turn out very bad for globo-homo.

However, the German foreign minister did acknowledge that the high-level talks between the US and Russia is a good sign, adding that the meeting can be “a step forward towards” nuclear disarmament.

Maas has recently accused the US leader of putting the entire architecture of European security at risk. On Saturday, he censured Trump, saying that the increased defense spending championed by the president during a recent NATO summit would not make the world any safer. Maas insisted that more weapons do not automatically mean more security, adding that Trump’s demands “have nothing to do with serious security policy.”

See, they’re not even attempting to be genuine.

You’re increasing spending so that we spend less, you welfare-sucking scumfuck.

We have been paying for your shit for 70 years and that jig is up.

All eyes now are on the much-anticipated summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, which is scheduled for Monday in Helsinki on the final leg of Trump’s European tour. A number of German politicians have long feared that the US president could take actions that are not in line with NATO.

The transatlantic coordinator for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition, Peter Beyer, said “there are great concerns in the alliance about what agreements Trump and Putin could reach” during the summit.


Now is the time for fear.

We’re building a new international Union called RuAm – the Russian-American Union. It only has two countries: Russia and America.

This is the flag:

The only goal is to defend White Western European Civilization from the Islamic Caliphate of Europe.

Christian Lindner, the head of Germany’s Free Democrats, echoed Beyer’s concerns, saying that he did not trust Trump, and that his actions in the areas of trade and security were not in Washington’s long-term interest.

Listen, cocksucker: let us mind our own fucking interests.

You’d best start thinking about your own.

Because you have absolutely no idea how far we are willing to take this.

DONALD TRUMP is the GOD EMPEROR and he will RULE FROM THE HIGH PLACE over the peasant scum of Europe.

And he’s got an army marching behind him – not just at home, but all across the white world – that does not give a single fuck about your crybaby eurofaggot bullshit.

The UK establishment also fears that Trump will undermine NATO by striking a “peace deal” with Putin during the meeting. The politicians worry that the Russian president could persuade Trump to downgrade US military commitments in Europe, thus compromising NATO countries’ defense against so-called “Russian aggression.”

The UK AKA “Mommytown 2: Mommy Says I was a Bad Boy.”

Shut the fuck up. 

Or sure, cry harder about mythical “Russian aggression” while your little girls are sex trafficked by Pakis your police are sworn to protect from prosecution, you limey fucks.

None of this matters.

We are an empire.

You are shit-tier vassal states which have gotten uppity and are about to get put down. 

Here’s a dire warning for Mommytown:

The day is coming quickly when every single one of you weasels is going to be wishing you would have said “yes Mr. President, okay Mr. President, thank you Mr. President, I love you Mr. President.”

Because the gears of this machine have only started to turn.

We are following this through to the end.

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