Don’t Spray-Paint the Synagogue, Kids – And Don’t Follow the Advice of Teenage Girls, Ever

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 27, 2019

Seriously, guys.

Stay away from stuff like this.

Don’t ruin your lives.

If you just let them be, the Jews will spray-paint their own synagogues with swastikas. If you go and do it, they will hit you with trumped-up fake terrorism charges.


An Indiana man who plead guilty to defacing a synagogue with Nazi symbolism detailed to federal agents his road to radicalization, including meeting with members of the far-right group Identity Evropa and being inspired by the writings of a former Breitbart editor and the Nazi propaganda site Stormfront.

Nolan Brewer, 21, of Eminence, plead guilty last week to conspiring to violate the civil rights of Congregation Shaarey Tefilla. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

In July 2018, Brewer and his then-17-year-old wife, Kiyomi Brewer, drove 50 miles from their home to the synagogue, spray painted a Nazi flag and iron crosses on a Dumpster enclosure, and lit a fire on the ground. Prosecutors said they originally planned to break into the synagogue and destroy it with homemade bombs and napalm they brought along, but they got scared.

That is almost certainly just made up.

In an interview with FBI agents, Brewer said they wanted to send a message to Jews as a race. He cited bogus statistics, aiming to back up the racist conspiracy theory that Jews have undue political influence.

Bogus, eh? What are they?

Let us judge their bogusness.

“I guess it’s just …. back down or something like that,” Brewer told the FBI, describing the message of the vandalism. He also said he wanted to make news headlines, and was proud word of the attack reached Vice President Mike Pence, who condemned it.

Brewer told FBI agents he wanted to “scare the hell out of them,” prosecutors said, and send “a message of like, get out I guess.”

That message doesn’t sound very well thought through…

His defense attorneys acknowledged that Brewer had latched onto pseudointellectual arguments for white supremacy. Evidence submitted to the court included racist memes he had shared and selfies in which he wore the iron cross associated with Nazi Germany. His phone wallpaper was an image of a swastika.

“It is clear that he has adopted beliefs based on ‘alt-right’ or white nationalist propaganda,” the defense attorneys said.

The details were first reported by data scientist Emily Gorcenski, who does extensive research on the far-right.

That is a tranny who went nuts attacking people at Charlottesville. I don’t believe he is a “data scientist.”

Very weird citation for BuzzFeed to make.

As his attorneys sought a lighter sentence, they outlined how a young man from a small town, who’d recently graduated from community college, and had no history of criminal or behavioral issues became radicalized.

They blamed his teenage wife, who they said had a troubled upbringing and would spend hours chatting on Discord, an app that had become popular among white supremacists. She then shared articles with her husband.

Yeah, I would think she’d be to blame.

You beta male faggots all dream of a Nazi waifu, but in real life, that bitch is just gonna be like “come on you faggot, spray-paint a synagogue, you pussy!”

Any woman who has any political views at all is masculinized and should be completely avoided, lest she get you caught up on federal charges.

“According to Nolan, she began with rightwing yet mainstream views such as those presented on Fox News. She then moved on to writing by Ben Shapiro and articles on Breitbart News which bridged the gap to the notorious white supremacist and anti-Semititc propaganda site Stormfront.”

Shapiro didn’t return requests for comment.

Well, I think we can shut the book on this case.

We know who was responsible for this fiasco.

Color me unsurprised.

Kiyomi was charged as an adult by the state of Indiana, her lawyer, Kevin Karimi, told BuzzFeed News. She pleaded guilty to arson, he said, getting no jail time though she did get probation.

“Ms. Brewer was in fact a minor at the time of the incident,” Karimi said. “The fact that my client wasn’t charged federally speaks for itself.”

“That said, the gravity of her actions were not lost upon my client. The anti Semitic crimes committed across our country are sickening,” Karimi said. “This case helped fuel legislation in Indiana to make ‘hate crimes’ further punishable by law.

Brewer told FBI agents how Kiyomi had long chats with who she thought was a Romanian “identitarian” white nationalist called “Asbestos Peter” on Discord and Telegram, who convinced them to attack a synagogue and told them which supplies to buy.

After the attack Brewer told FBI agents he took photos of the graffiti to send to “Peter.” “Asbestos Peter has been, he was like trying to instigate radicalism,” he said.

Yeah, and that would be the FBI – yet again!

Ensnaring you in some stupid vandalism terror plot using your idiotic teenage girlfriend! That’s the FBI’s special sauce!

How fucking retarded.

It looks like the feds told them to do terrorism, and they decided against that and just followed the feds’ instructions on vandalism.

Why are the feds allowed to find teenagers on the internet and trick them into doing terrorist attacks and/or vandalism? What kind of law enforcement agency is this?

He got three years for a spray-paint conspiracy.

Because the Jews are God’s chosen people, dontchaknow.

I guarantee when he gets out his wife is going to be shacked up with a nigger.

Although that would have happened if he’d been sentenced to three weeks. Even three days.

Be smart, kids.

Don’t be retards.