Don’t Post Any Comments for a While (UPDATE)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2015


We are in the process of moving the server, meaning any changes to the site over the next few hours will be lost.

I am just giving a warning so people don’t post comments and then feel robbed when they disappear.  The site should remain fine to read, maybe just a little bit of downtime later.  But maybe not any.

I’ll update you when it’s done and you can post freely without fear of losing your great works.

If you want to use the comments section here to post gibberish and/or nonsense – or something else entirely – please do so.

Captain Andre


This is taking longer than expected. So site updates will be a little bit late today, and may be lighter than usual.

Anyway, the new server is running fantastically, so it sure is going to be great when we’re done with this process. No more downtime ever again, and some backend improvements which will help the staff manage everything better and so provide you with better content, forever.

Anyway, while the site is down, I’m on Twitter.


Hauptsturmführer Andre

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