Don’t Go to This Virginia Gun Rally – It is Just Charlottesville All Over Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2020

This Wall Street Journal article is the first result when you type “virginia gun rally” into Google. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, then you need to do some soul-searching. Or maybe take an IQ test.

The anti-gun control rally in Virginia on Martin Luther King Day is being set up basically exactly like Charlottesville.

Except it’s even worse, because Charlottesville already happened, so they already have a frame for it set up, where they can say “this is Charlottesville again.”

Governor Northam is already saying that.

The entire media is already saying that.

New York Times:

Thousands of activists from across the country are expected to descend on the Virginia State Capitol on Monday to rally against sweeping new gun control proposals supported by state Democrats.

But the rally in Richmond — billed as a peaceful event to lobby lawmakers to defend Second Amendment rights — has quickly set off fears of potential violence and chaos. Discussions about the rally have been lighting up online platforms frequented by anti-government militia groups and white supremacists for weeks, and various extremist groups have vowed to attend.

Tensions escalated this week when Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency and temporarily banned weapons on Capitol grounds, citing credible “threats of violence.”

Others vowing to attend include individuals associated with the Light Foot Militia, some of whom were banned from Charlottesville after the “Unite the Right” rally in 2017, which ended in the death of a counterprotester. Richard B. Spencer, a prominent white nationalist who is among 24 defendants in a lawsuit over the rally in Charlottesville, also said he might attend.

In his declaration, Mr. Northam cited the eruption in Charlottesville three years ago as an example of “what can happen when peaceful demonstrations are hijacked by those who come into the Commonwealth and do not value the importance of peaceful assembly.” He added: “We must take all precautions to prevent that from ever happening again.”

Everything is all lined up for them to set the cops on people, then incite violence between protesters and counter-protesters, exactly as they did in Charlottesville.

They are also strengthening the narrative with these arrests of “white supremacists” who they claim are “planning terrorism.” Those headlines are putting it in people’s minds that there is going to be terrorism.

You cannot win these protests. It simply is not possible. The cops have a strategy where no matter what you do, you lose.

After Charlottesville, the Commonwealth of Virginia ordered an independent investigation into the event, which resulted in a 207-page report that declared that the cops were responsible for the violence.

Did that matter?

Of course it didn’t matter.

The narrative about Charlottesville has actually gotten progressively more extreme since the event, with the media often referring to it as a “terrorist attack by White Supremacists.”

Even though I obviously had no way of knowing how it was going to turn out (no one did), promoting the Charlottesville event is one of the biggest regrets of my life.

The fallout from the event was absolutely devastating.

And somehow, some way, these people are presenting THE EXACT SAME EVENT, AGAIN, IN THE SAME STATE and people are ready to go along with it, like “REAL RIGHT-WING VIRGINIA RALLY HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED!!!”

What People are Claiming

I don’t know if the people saying it are shills or just shameful people who are willing to be fooled twice, but people are saying that this is somehow different from Charlottesville.

“Gun Control is a Popular Issue and People Will Rally Around It”

Now, I don’t expect you all to remember this, because the media certainly hasn’t said it, but the Charlottesville rally was about the takedown of Confederate statues. This was and is also a very popular issue.

It makes no difference what the topic is; they will accuse any right wing rally of being “white supremacy,” and they will trap you and accuse you of terrorism.

“They Can’t Call It a Nazi Rally Because Boomers are Pro-Gun”

They can call it whatever they want, and they have already called it a “white supremacist” rally (see above). That is the entire framing of the event.

Richard Spencer – the leader of the Charlottesville Rally – is attending this rally, ensuring that it is labeled exactly the same way as Charlottesville. There are costumed neo-Nazi groups going there, just like with Charlottesville.

Even the event organizer is saying that the feds are sending in violent groups.

Furthermore, it certainly looks very much like “The Base” – the group that all these people getting arrested belong to – is just Atomwaffen rebranded (source, source). Atomwaffen, for anyone who doesn’t know, was a satanic death cult pretending to be a white supremacist organization so they could promote violence and get satanic powers (true story).

This will not be remembered as a gun rally, it will be remembered as a white supremacist terrorist attack.

“Guns are a Line in the Sand”

Actually, they’re not.

Please read the Wikipedia page on state gun control laws. At least a third of states in the US already have gun control laws as strict or more strict than those recently introduced in Virginia.

So why has this Virginia thing been played up all across the internet for weeks? With all of these idiotic forced memes about “boogaloo”?

Who is promoting this? Surely, someone must be doing it, because the situation is very different from when all of those other states passed the same laws.

“This Will Cause People to Fight Back!”

By doing what?

Shooting at the cops?

Are you insane?

If you are sitting there thinking that people going to a Virginia gun rally and shooting at cops is going to cause people to rise up and overthrow the government, then you need to take a minute and ask where that idea came from. Because it definitely didn’t come from logical analysis.

Probably, you got it from all of these idiotic “boogaloo” memes being spammed on Reddit.

Just slow down and listen to me for a second: these memes are all absolute shit, they are all encouraging killing cops and they are getting spammed everywhere.



Why are people being allowed and encouraged to post memes encouraging killing cops? Who is making all of these memes? Who is spamming them on /pol/?

What exactly do you think is going on here, guy?

Does it seem likely that it’s an organic uprising which simply makes no sense? Because Virginia passed the same gun control legislation every other blue state has? That there is an army of boomers waiting in the wings preparing for “1776 pt. 2” like all of these gay memes claim?

Or does it maybe make more sense that the feds are purposefully creating a crisis type situation EXACTLY LIKE CHARLOTTESVILLE?

Don’t Do It, Kid

You’re all big boys and I’m not your dad, but I am telling you this: I strongly advise you to stay the hell away from this event.

If you attend this rally, you can expect to be:

  • Photographed and doxed
  • Lose your job
  • Get kicked out of college
  • Arrested for defending yourself against violent attackers and sent to jail or even prison
  • Accused of being a terrorist
  • Sued for being a terrorist
  • Charged with murder for crashing your car after Antifa attacks it with bats

And what, pray tell, is the best possible outcome of this rally?

That it all goes off without a hitch, there are no fed instigators, the cops don’t attack you, you don’t get arrested, somehow the media doesn’t take a bunch of pictures of you and publish them and – and what?

The government of Virginia will change its new gun laws? 

Does that sound like something that would happen in real life?

The gun laws have popular support. Virginia is a Democrat state now, thanks to mass immigration. That is the situation. And it was inevitable. A bunch of politicians ran on gun control and won.

What is the purpose of a rally?

If you actually think it is going to kick off an overthrow of the government, then you probably need a new strategy for forming your opinions. Because I can promise you, that is not happening.

It is possible that retards looking at Reddit Spongebob “boogaloo” memes will enter the no gun zone with guns and get in a shootout with the feds and that will lead to the new “domestic terrorism” laws the ADL is demanding.

There Ain’t Nothing Nobody Can Do

There is nothing anyone can do to stop this rally from happening, or stop some horrible disaster from happening at it, or prevent the inevitable fallout from that disaster.

The media is literally telling you what is going to happen: WHITE SUPREMACIST TERRORIST ATTACK.

Maybe nothing will actually happen. It’s possible, of course. But I guarantee you, the feds are all up in every Discord server trying to talk people into doing something. And the fact that so many people appear to believe this is going to cause a violent uprising certainly doesn’t bode well.

But I’m not writing this to try to prevent whatever is going to happen from happening. I know very well that I don’t have that ability. However, I have the ability to get some of you to rethink going if you were thinking about going.

Just don’t do it, man.

If You Decide to Ignore This Advice…

If you do end up going, please ask Richard Spencer where you can get a burger with a good swiss, melted swiss cheese and mush- roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions. Because I’ve heard this is hot stuff. And I’ve also heard that it is available at a number of different places.

And yet, I’ve been craving this mythical burger for months, and am fully convinced that it is not available at a number of different places.