Don’t Get a DNA Test

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2018

Okay, so, this “Golden State Killer” thing.

Joseph James DeAngelo is the guy’s name.

How did they catch him?

It isn’t really being widely discussed. They are just talking about how great it is that this evil man was caught after all of these years.

Well, he was caught with DNA in the shadiest possible way imaginable. There are long articles about it on Science News and New York Times, but they are both seeming to purposefully confuse the issue. So I’m just going to summarize this for you myself, and tell you why it means you should never take a DNA test – and should discourage your relatives from doing it, too.

So the trail on this guy had been cold for decades. In fact, there never was a trail, really. He was a totally smooth criminal.

Of course there was DNA of his – a lot of it – he was a rapist, after all. But it was old DNA and it wasn’t worth anything anyway because they had nothing to compare it to.

Until actually they did have something to compare it to – internet databases of DNA created by people who send their DNA in to have their ancestry checked.

The official story here – which I’m not really sure I believe – is that neither 23andme or had anything to do with the process. What the cops are claiming is that there is a database called GEDmatch which allows people to submit their DNA profiles that they have acquired from 23andme or in order to help them find long lost relatives.

The story is that this was an open source project made by two people. Actually, it sounds like a state-funded project designed to create a public database of DNA profiles.

Anyway, the cops supposedly ran the DNA in this database, then found parts of a matching family tree, then traced it to him, then somehow got his DNA (apparently followed him and grabbed a cup he’d been sipping from or something – they haven’t revealed the details of that), then arrested him and charged him with all of these decades old rapes and murders.

Nothing like this has ever been done before, but you can bet it will be done again.

The news stories which are covering this – and they are few – are giving “both sides” with the privacy side being like “holy shit” and the other side being like “oh well, actually it’s really complicated to do this, so probably they won’t do it very often anyway.”

Don’t Do It

Just don’t take these tests.

Don’t let your family members take them.

I know that in this whole white nationalist thing, everyone is interested in it. But it isn’t worth it to give your DNA to the government.

Because this is going to be used for things other than hunting down serial rapists, I can tell you that.

Furthermore, these tests aren’t even accurate – and people who work for these companies have admitted adding nonwhite DNA to pure white profiles for ideological reasons.

So the test itself is virtually useless to you, and could potentially be very useful to law enforcement.

Just don’t do it.

We know who is white.

David Lane said: “If someone looks White, acts White, fights White, then until their actions prove otherwise, they are our Folk.”

All of this “who is truly white???” is divide and conquer bullshit anyway. We all can tell who is and is not white. And even if we can’t, the DNA tests don’t help.